The Thing Within

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Chapter 2: London, England: 1987

WEE-WOO! WEE-WOO! The police car sirens were as loud as could be.

“How could we not have seen this way earlier?” Detective Samuel asked himself over and over. The Detective and the police were at a crime scene. A homeless man (it’s a shame really, considering that London has homeless people still around, considering our new King has been doing his best and has given almost everyone a home.) The homeless man (who after called the police, was reported to have committed suicide, after the disturbing scene) had used his last coin on the payphone to call the police. Tomorrow, the police force, including the Detective, will be holding a funeral for the man. It was nice. Except, for now, the Detective and the rest of the police with him had to figure out what the heck happened to this poor, dead, skeleton.

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