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Accused of scaring her classmate, Felicia is good at sfx makeup. She has tons of followers in Instagram. After a while, someone addresses her as a sister when she don't have any. Was it really her sister.. or she is only played in the hands of her mother?

Horror / Thriller
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Makeups are tools for making someone pretty but not for Felicia, a black-haired pretty girl who has a hobby of doing sfx makeup. She has tons of followers in Instagram where she post her sfx makeups.

“How about a bit of blood..” Felicia said as she put a little bit of fake blood on her mouth. She was on her room, practicing out of boredom. She is a fan of horror movies. “Okayy” She said as she was done, took a selfie and put on it on Instagram.


“That’s not me” I said to my classmate as she flashed a photo of a girl. “Oh, do you think I believe you? You are good at sfx makeups.”

“Yes, I love sfx makeup but doesn’t mean I would scare people out. When did you took that photo?”

“It was around 6 pm in the afternoon. I was the last one in the classroom and I’m turning off the lights when I saw a silhouette of a girl, sitting...
" She said as she looked at my chair that I’m sitting on.

“She was sitting and I assumed it’s you. I asked, what are you doing here? She didn’t reply. I told her to go home. What makes me to take a photo with a flash on was when I heard her voice...

“I have nowhere to go.... Let my sister know that I’m waiting here...” I can feel the sadness of her voice not until it is mixed with hate as she added... “or.. else I’ll take her with me.” I ran when I’m done taking a photo of that girl. As I went home, I looked at my gallery and it creeps me out even more... A girl with its red eyes gushing out of blood with a wide creepy smile on its face.. I’m sorry for accusing you. I.. didn’t slept that night. I..” I didn’t let her finished her sentence, she was terrified. I’m also terrified..

“Do you have any sisters, Felicia?′ I shook my head as a response of a no. ’Then.. wh-” Her sentence was cut off when the bell rang. ”You should not scare people again, Felicia”

“It is not me!”
I said as she walked out of the room.

That’s not me...


Felicia went out of her classroom and took a fresh air. She looked at the students on the field, playing. It was 4 pm in the afternoon. She felt someone.. was watching her. She took a glance on the side of the field and there was.. it. The girl, waving at her with a creepy smile on her face. Felicia couldn’t move as she saw it. She closed her eyes and hope it will be gone from her eyesight. She opened her eyes and the girl was nowhere to be found. It was 4:30 pm.. She decided to go the classroom to get her bag when she noticed someone standing in the hallway. She noticed it was walking to where she was standing. Felicia’s eyes widen as she run to her classroom to take her bag.

“Sister.. Why are you running?” She couldn’t move. The girl was standing in front of the classroom, slowly walking to Felicia.

“Please, go away! Please! I’m not your sister!” Felicia was scared, closed her eyes and screamed.

“Sister.. ”

’Felicia!” Felicia opened her eyes when her classmate, Abegail called her out. “What’s wrong? You screamed like a kid! So annoying, tch!”

“But.. she was there...” Felicia said as she points out what’s in front of the classroom. “Who? No one was there, Felicia” Abegail said as she took her bag. “You watched too much horror” Felicia stared what’s in front of the classroom, the girl was gone..


“Yes, honey?”
“Do I have a sister?”
A sudden silence filled in the dining room. Felicia’s mother slowly finished chewing the food, obviously startled by the question and said.. “Why did you come to ask that, honey?”
“Mom... There is a girl with its red eyes gushing out of blood, wide creepy smile on her face... appear out of nowhere in my school and she said.. I’m her sister.”
Felicia’s mother and father looked at each other and their faces... change. Changed not into a gentle appearance but in a creepy... way..

“So, you already know felicia..?” Felicia’s mother smell Felicia’s hair as she took a knife. Felicia couldn’t talk when she saw her Mother and Father transformed into a skinny monster with shrunken irises and its mouth with teeth that are sharp enough to slice you.

“Come, Felicia. We are hungry... we need you..” Felicia screamed and ran out of the dining room and went upstairs, lock her room and hide under the bed. She could hear the footsteps. She closed her eyes when she felt a hand, holding her. She couldn’t speak, it was the girl.

“Sister.. don’t be afraid.... ”


’Where am I?” Felicia asked herself.

She found herself in a foggy, chilling forest. She looked around and saw that girl. No red eyes gushing out of blood and a creepy smile that could be seen. She is quite gentle with the smile she beamed at Felicia. “Sister...”

She walked to Felicia and hold her hand. “Sister, I want to show you something.” She said as she looked at the log cabin. Two person was seen, it was her Mother and Father.

“Please... don’t take Cathlia away, please.... no” Felicia saw her Mother, protecting the baby that she’s carrying begging to someone. Someone that is on the door.

’Why Mother is begging to someone?” Her sister, Cathlia look at Felicia. “Mother and Father is drown in debt. They couldn’t pay their debts and that’s why they put you to orphanage but then, I was born and now, in exchange.. they want.... me” said Cathlia with sadness in her voice. “Mother and Father don’t want me to be exchange just because of debt.” Felicia looked at her Mother and Father, crying and begging. Her eyes widen when she saw that her Mother and Father was being eaten. She saw the mouth of that person by the door, wide as a pick-up truck and eat them. Cathlia, her sister was crying. The person took Cathlia in her arms and turned itself like Felicia’s mother.

Felicia looked at Cathlia, confused. “Did you see that..? Why did.. Why did she turn into like our Mother..and why.. why you have red eyes gushing out of blood..?” Cathlia held her sister’s hand and said..

“I was around 10 when I knew she is not Mother. She always told me not to go outside of the log cabin. While I was roaming around the cabin, I read an old newspaper that is been stumped by books. It’s about a woman that could transfer into someone she eats and could appear younger. She saw me reading and quickly took it away from my hand. She was angry and told me not to touch anyone’s stuffs. I brushed it off. One day, I went out since she told me she will be away for days. I just knew when I saw her, eating a fresh flesh in the woods. She hungrily eats its flesh and while she eats it I could see how she turn herself more younger. I was frightened. I cried when I saw that. She saw me and dragged me into the log cabin...

“Why are you sad, honey? Smile. I said SMILE” She said that as she sliced my mouth into a wider smile. “I told you not to go out in the woods but you disobey me” She said that as she pour acid in my eyes. I screamed out of pain. She dragged me again and she said.. “I’ll find your sister... She is the next victim” and throw me into the cliff. I realized that if only I didn’t know about her, I could live but I remember when I read that newspaper, it said that she will wait once you turn 18 and if you know soon enough that she will eat you for her own benefit, she will not hesitate to kill you”

“She knew that I have a sister since little did Mother and Father know, that the owner of the orphanage is a friend of this monster... They raise you and has a plan to kill you once you knew about them.”

“So, that’s why..”

“I’m sorry I frightened you, sister. I just want to protect you...” Cathlia’s voice faded. Felicia opened her eyes when she heard sirens and saw blue and red flashes. Police and some barricade tapes where being taped around the house. And she saw the monster, it was dead. She was in the outside of the house.

“It’s a parentcide. The girl named Felicia killed her mother and father..” Felicia could her the investigators and police discussing about what happened or what causes of the incident.

‘I am alive!’ She called out once of the police but no one can hear her She saw her body, blood oozing out of her head, with the gun on her hand. She was dead.. She killed herself after she killed the monsters.

I avenge you, Mother and father at least she thought.

While she watched the investigators and police examining around the house, she saw a shadow. That monster’s shadow. Is she seeing things? Was it done? Or .... Is it just the beginning ?

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