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Want to get the creeps? Scare your friends with scary stories? Then this is perfect for you! This book contains small stories written by me.

Horror / Thriller
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I Want To Play Jane

“Jane, can you please put the doll down and say goodbye to grandma and grandpa?” Jane’s mother asked. The mother stood at the front door together with her parents, waiting impatiently for her daughter to come.

“No mommy.” Came the short reply from the ten-year-old, who didn’t even bother to look up. Her long hair matched with her doll, because Jane always wished to be like her. To be like Emily.

Jane’s mother shook her head. “If you don’t come to the door, I have to cut off those beautiful locks of yours.” Normally this would have grabbed Jane’s attention, however, she didn’t seem threatened this time. Jane calmly brushed Emily’s hair without a care in the world.

“Leave her be Tatiana. She is enjoying herself and we don’t mind.” Grandma said, but that wasn’t the problem Jane’s mother, Tatiana, was dealing with.

Grandma and grandpa left shortly after and Tatiana knew she had to enforce her threat. She walked to the kitchen and grabbed a pair of scissors. Jane hasn’t changed her position the entire time and kept on brushing the hair of the doll.

“Just sit still honey, I don’t want to hurt you,” Tatiana spoke with a sweet sickening voice. The blades of the scissors touched Jane’s astonishing hair and it fell to the floor with a loud snap. Again and again, until Jane’s hair was short and uneven.

Jane stared at her doll with silent tears running down her cheeks. She could only imagine the nightmare which was called her hair. “If I can’t be just like you then you will have to look just like me.” She muttered under her breath.

Later that night, Jane stepped out of her bed and quietly crept downstairs together with her doll Emily. The stairs creaking beneath her lightweight made her stiffen. If her mother found out what she was planning, she would be bald already.

Jane touched the cold floor with her toe followed by the rest of her foot. She repeated the process until she reached the empty kitchen. Her hand glided over the smooth texture of the counter.

The earlier used scissors laid next to the sink. She climbed on the counter. Jane didn’t hesitate and grabbed it with her small hands.

She held Emily in front of her. Jane’s hand trembled as she cut through the hair of the doll in similar ways like her mom. But Jane didn’t end it there.

She stabbed Emily again and again. In her doe brown eye, in the pale porcelain belly, in the side of the head and between her shoulder blades.

Jane smiled to herself, proudly admiring her work. “Now I’m not the ugliest person in the world, but you are.” She held the left arm of the doll before breaking it. A disgusting loud crack echoed through the silent house, but Jane didn’t care anymore.

She dropped the arm and sat Emily down on the floor. “I don’t want to look like you. You are ugly.” She said to the doll in front of her. Emily stared back at Jane with her beady eyes.

The sounds from downstairs woke up her mother and father. Tatiana decided that she would look for who or whatever made the noise while the father rolled to the other side and fell back asleep.

Tatiana checked in Jane’s room only to find it empty. There was no need for her to be scared for anything since there was a big chance that it’s just her daughter down there.

She opened the door to the kitchen and froze at the sight before her.

The abused doll laid lifeless on the ground with multiple holes in the expensive porcelain body. Her hair was spread around the room together with an arm. Her eyes dawned upon Jane. She had the previously used scissors in her hand and tears strains on her face.

“Sweetie let’s go back to sleep-” Jane turned to face Tatiana.

“Can we bury her mommy? At the cemetery?” Jane pleaded for her favourite doll. She felt guilty for making Emily suffer as she did. It was her mistake to not listen to her mother.

“Let’s do that in the morning okay. You need to get back to bed. You can see Emily tomorrow.” Jane nodded and went back upstairs together with her mother leaving the broken porcelain doll in the kitchen.


The next morning, mother and daughter walked out of the house with a box. They walked through the streets, the park, over the river, passed by the hills and finally arrived at the graveyard. However, they didn’t enter.

Tatiana took Jane’s hand and walked to the back of the graveyard where many holes were made by dogs. She picked one of the many and lowered the box with Emily in it into the ground.

She shoved the loose dirt over the box and quickly went back home with Jane since it began to rain. They ran through the mud and took the same route back.

The sun disappeared behind the horizon, signalling nighttime. The moonlight shone on the river Jane and Tatiana previously passed, making the water sparkle.

Jane laid quietly in her bed. She thought back to Emily and what she did to her favourite doll. Tears formed in the corners of her eyes and she didn’t care if they landed on her pillow. The crying drained all the energy out of her and she closed her eyes turning to her side.

A soft voice, almost unnoticeable to the human ear, whispered a little rhyme. “Doll parts scattered in the hall. Blood splatters on the wall. I dug through dirt and came back from the dead. Just to end up at your blood-stained bed.”

Jane cautiously opened her eyes only to be met by the black void in her room. She waited for a bit to let her eyes adjust to the darkness. She scanned around the room, but nothing seemed to be there. She shrugged it off and fell back asleep.


The same happened the next evening. Jane was slowly adjusting to the new doll, which she called Diana. It’s like Emily never existed.

Jane trashed around in her bed. The streetlights shone through her window and kept her from closing an eye.

“Jane,” a raspy voice echoed through the room, “Jane,” it said again stretching the name.

Jane said up straight, Diana pressed against her naked chest. “Hel, Uhm, hello? Is... are you there?” Jane asked in the perhaps not so empty room.

Two minutes went by without a reply from the stranger. Jane started to suspect that it was her mind playing tricks with her, but it was proved otherwise.

“I’m on the ground.” The raspy voice sang. It sounded as if oil was thrown over a chalkboard, set on fire, followed by a knife scraping its surface.

Jane instantly laid down again, clinging to Diana. She debated on calling her parents from the other room but was afraid to do so. What if the stranger didn’t notice her laying in her bed? What if she called and she would get hurt? What if her parents got hurt if she called them?

She looked to her left. Nothing was there. Now that she felt a bit more confident, she glanced further around the room. There was no person or a fiery chalkboard.

She was alone.

Jane fell asleep shortly after the incident. She would wake up like usual and live her life, but the nights we’re getting crazier.

Every night the same raspy voice would sing her name twice, before telling her a location. A different one every night. And each time it would the voice became louder. First, it supposedly was on the ground, followed by in the water, then on a branch. However, tonight it was a bit more specific.

“Jane,” The singing voice woke Jane up, “Jane,” there was a small pause as if it waited for Jane to wake up, “I’m in your street.” Jane’s eyes widened and a chill ran up her spine. She sprang out of her bed and sneaked to her bedroom window, which gave her a view of her street. She lifted the curtain so she could peak under. Her eyes scanned the street for anything out of the ordinary.

At the end of the street stood two blockades for cars. In between sat a figure. The lighting wasn’t proper so it also could’ve been a still sitting cat, but the sight itself was enough to scare Jane.

She crawled back to her bed and hid under the covers. Every time she tries to sleep, Jane would feel a warm breath tickle her neck.

But now that it happened every night, she became more exhausted as it went on. Jane was still young and she needed a good amount of sleep to function properly and thus, she closed her eyes.

It wasn’t a surprise that it also happened the next night.

“Jane, Jane. I’m at your door.” Jane stepped out of her bed and walked through the corridor towards her parents’ bedroom. She could see the front door out of the corner of her eye, but she didn’t dare to look. She shook her mother, Tatiana, until she woke up.

“What is it, sweetie?” Tatiana opened her eyes to see her daughter looking extremely pale. “Are you sick?”

“Someone is standing at the door mommy,” Jane whispered as if the stranger could hear them. Tatiana was surprised by this. Why would anyone be at their door at three A.M.? However, she decided to check the door anyway, even if it was to just satisfy her daughter.

Tatiana walked down the wooden stairs. Her hand glided over the smooth railing, which was placed against the wall. The soft light of a street lantern shone through the glass front door. The cars stood parked on the driveway. Nothing seems out of the ordinary at first glance.

Tatiana turned the doorknob. She opened the door and was met with the fresh air of the night. She poked her head out and scanned the driveway and the front yard. Her bare feet touched the cold stones as she left the safety of the warm house. The door was still open behind her.

She checked under and in the cars and the bushes. There seemed to be nothing. Absolutely nobody.

Tatiana blinked a few times, feeling the sleep catching up with her, and she turned back to the open door with Jane waiting scared on the staircase. Or so she thought.

While Tatiana searched outside, Jane fell asleep. Tatiana already expected to find nothing out there and now she was certain it was just Jane’s imagination.

She scooped Jane in her arms and walked back upstairs when a glint of light reached her eye. She snapped her head towards the spot but was just met with darkness. She shrugged it off and continued.


“Jane,” Jane shot up as the voice whispers in her ear, “Jane, I’m on the landing.” The raspy voice sounded slightly feminine. It had become clearer as it seemed to come closer and Jane could finally decide if it was a female threatening her.

Jane knew she couldn’t seek help from her parents since it’s standing between them and if she called for them, they could suffer from the person in the hallway. With Diana by her side, she clutched the white blanket from her bed and pulled it over her head. Her eyes closed. She concentrated on any sound coming from outside her door. It stayed silent. She waited and waited and it seemed as if nothing would come.

A small creek, it was all that Jane needed to hear to be scared out of her mind. The creek was long and soft, but she heard it nevertheless.

Jane breathed heavily. She tried to convince herself that it was something else, like their cat who had found its way through one of the opened windows, but no matter how hard she tried, she knew it wasn’t their cat.

Tonight was different from the other nights. The raspy voice spoke again this night: “I’m in your parent’s bedroom.”

Jane sprung out of the bed and sprinted across the landing to the other bedroom in the house. She threw open the door and was met with a horrible sight.

The sheets of the bed were ripped and the curtains laid on the ground. Her mother laid half on the bed and half on the floor, blood sweeping out of her eyes and stomach. Her father was spread throughout the room. His head and neck hung on the ceiling fan, his chest, without arms or legs, wasn’t moved and thus laid on his side of the bed with blood streaming out of his wounds. One of his arms was located under the bed, while the other and his legs were nowhere in sight.

It was devastating to see. And it had happened so quick and quiet.

Jane took a step towards her mother. She wanted to cry. Cry to the angels above and the demons below. To resurrect her family and punish the killer.

Yet, she was the one who punished it first and all it wanted was payback.

Jane crouched down, her hands seeking the loving comfort of her mother. Her hand took a holt Tatiana’s warm hand, a decaying body who grew colder with the minute.

Jane couldn’t take it anymore. She took matters into her hand and sprinted out the bedroom door towards the stairs. She went as fast as her small legs would allow. She gained more and more speed and misstepped at the end of the staircase. Her ankle gave out and she fell face forward into the doormat at the bottom of the stairs. All she wanted was to get back up but to no avail. She decided to do what her parents taught her to do.

Call the police or any other relative who could call for help.

Jane crawled further to the telephone station, hoping with every fibre in her bone that the killer isn’t there.

The murderer watched with care as her former owner painfully moved through the house. She enjoyed every last bit of it. Every whimper that left her owner’s mouth sounded like Mozart or Bach playing the piano. Music. The one thing every human appreciates.

Jane reached for the phone on the side table under the mirror. Her trembling fingers hovered over the numbers as she thought of the number to call. Cops or family.

She tried as hard as she could to push the buttons as softly as possible. But the ear-deafening bleeb that came from every number she pressed made her immensely anxious.


Luckily, it wasn’t a long number.

While the phone rang, Jane crawled to a less obvious spot in the living room. She eventually found herself under one of the seats at the dinner table. These seats were completely covered from head to toe in leather. There was no way to see Jane from a normal point of view. The slayer would have to roll the seat back and then look under it.

Jane brought the phone up to her ear. Her eyes darted around in the darkness looking for the person who killed her parents.

“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?” The common phrase rang through her ear. Jane was completely silent just like the other end of the line. “Hello? Are you in trouble?” The voice male and he had a raspy voice, which reminded Jane of the voice that visited her every night.

“Yes, I live, uhm, I am Jane Hughes and my, and my mommy and daddy aren’t waking up.” Tears streamed down her face. Tears filled with regret. She regretted not listening to her mommy. Not spending more time with her father. Not being an actual family.

“Where do you live sweetie, so we can come to get you and help your mom and dad.” He asked as if he knew that her parents would still be alive, even though he was almost entirely certain that they would never wake up.

Jane told her the address of her house, but when she wanted to ask the person on the other line a question, she heard something upstairs. She bit on her fingers to keep herself from screaming in terror.

“Can you tell me what your favourite colour is Jane?” The man on the phone asked. It was his job to distract her from what was going on until the police and ambulance arrive.

However, he grew concerned when Jane didn’t answer back.

Jane didn’t have the nerve to tell him that there was someone upstairs. She was afraid that the killer could hear her. She had only seen one horror movies, but it was enough to know how it would end and she doesn’t want to take the risk. But she needed to something so the man on the phone would stop talking.

Jane needed to hurry up. Every second she took by debating whether or not to say something in the phone, a loud eerie crack echoes through the house.

“Shhhh please,” Jane whispered softly into the phone. The man immediately understood what happened and stayed quiet for Jane’s sake.

Apparently, Jane spoke too hard, because the sounds from the stairs became quicker and louder.

Until it became completely silent.

A slight buzz came from the phone, but most adults wouldn’t hear it even if they tried. The soft paws and claws from their cat made a little bit of noise, but that was more than enough to stress Jane.

Her breath hitched when her cat came closer and started purring and meowing. It even rubbed against her back and almost made her fall over.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough already, the cat jumped on the table and knocked over a vase. Whoever was in the other part of the house would definitely check it out.

The door handle got pushed down slowly. The silence made it worse. The door opened more and more and to Jane’s surprise someone, no something, stood in the door opening. The silhouette of the object looked oddly familiar. It surprised Jane that that person could reach the door handle since they are roughly sixteen inches tall.

The ominous presence of the knife sent shivers down Jane’s spine. Fresh blood dripped from the blade and the moonlight reflected off its surface.

As a result of Jane’s whimpering, the person edged forwards. Their legs didn’t appear to move, but it came closer and closer until it was only two feet away from her.

The small person, who was now illuminated by the moonlight, had unevenly cut hair, holes in their body and head, and missed an eye. They were covered in mud and Jane easily recognised Emily. “Emily, is that you?” Jane didn’t expect a reply, it’s a doll after all. Yet, the silent said enough about the situation.

Emily was furious.

The doll slowly inched forwards with its murderous intents. Its legs barely touched the ground as if it was held up by someone. The toes scraped over the wooden floor without a care in the world.

Now that Jane was spotted, there was no reason to stay quiet or hidden. The best thing she could do at the moment was running for her life. A life that’s ruined and broken into pieces. Is there actually something left living for?

Of course, there is, Jane thought. She had other family members and she just needed time to adjust to the newer situation. No sweat, if she made it out alive.

Her attention was back to the situation at hand. A haunted doll with a knife and a killing intent, an anxious listener on the phone who waits for authorities to arrive, and Jane who is about to shit her pants.

The circumstances weren’t optimal, but Jane had to deal with it. And she needed to be quick because the doll was almost in stabbing range.

Jane grabbed the phone and crawled from under the table to the kitchen to grab a knife of her own. She stabbed Emily before and she definitely wasn’t afraid to do it again.

With the newly acquired weapon held in front of her, she moved towards the back door. Her family always kept the flipflops there which meant she didn’t have to go outside barefoot. She slipped into one of the many pairs and unlocked the back door.

The ice-cold wind brushed past her skin and the night sky sparkled with stars. Unfortunately, Jane had no time to dawn over the beautiful setting. The back of the flipflops smacked against her feet while she ran.

She lived in a more modern neighbourhood filled with parents and kids. There was no time for doubt, however. If she didn’t search for help now, there wouldn’t be another opportunity.

She gathered all her confidence and shouted at the top of her lungs. The scream echoed through the night, but there was no reaction. And if there was one then it would be too late. There wouldn’t actually be someone awake at a time like this.

Jane, who was now located in the garden, had nowhere to go. The fence was too high to climb and there was no furniture where she could hide behind. The garden was as plain as ever, but Jane wished it wasn’t.

The doll hovered over the tiles. She was getting closer and closer and Jane was trapped. Jane dropped the phone on the grass and waited until Emily was away from the door. It would be her only shot.

She would need to wait for Emily to get closer to her and away from the door. Once she saw an opening she would sprint to the back door and go to the front door and, hopefully, find someone who could help her.

Jane waited and waited while Emily got closer. Jane would be lying if she said that she wasn’t terrified. Her heart was almost jumping out of her chest. She was so tired that she was about to fall asleep right there.

There it was, her last chance of escape before an inevitable death. Her only potion left presented itself right in front of her. Jane went as fast as she could. She sidestepped when Emily’s knife came swinging at her and ran for the door.

She reached for the doorknob and quickly turned it. She debated locking the door behind her, but then decided against it thinking that Emily could just smash the window.

She matured a lot in the last nights for a ten-year-old. She didn’t think too much of it. She just accepted that that would happen if you stared death in the face. She didn’t stop at staring though. Jane had poked, stabbed and slashed death. Quite an adventure of doom. But now, the doll was back and it wanted revenge.

And revenge is what it got.

Jane slammed the backdoor behind her and quickly ran to the front door. She had expected that Emily would try to chase her exact path and that the closed-door would slow her down, but Emily had other plans. Emily drifted through the garden to another door which was usually locked. Emily simply floated over that door and waited for Jane to meet her at the front door.

Jane’s tears had clouded her vision, which prevented her from seeing straight. She pulled the front door open and bummed into something. Soon after came the pain. Emily’s knife was embedded in Jane’s gut. Blood gushed out of the fresh wound. Before Jane could react, another wound was added to the pile. This time it was the side of her head. Everything went black in a matter of seconds.

Even though Jane was dead, Emily kept slashing the deceased body. After it was satisfied, it dropped down next to Jane. Its spirit was finally at peace.

An ambulance and the police arrived at the house and faced the gruesome scene. A child and her doll laid on the driveway. She was covered in blood and her wounds were fatal. They covered her with a blanket and moved her out of the way. The police went into the house with their guns in front of them and the medical team at stand-by.

A total of three victims: a mother, a father, and a daughter. Each of them was brutally stabbed by their killer, who left no trace around the house. The only evidence that they could find was the knife sticking out of the daughter’s eye without any fingerprints on it. Everything the police had collected lead to a dead-end. The family was buried at the local cemetery together with the doll. The police kept searching for the murderer, but they eventually gave up. What happened that night stayed a secret and that secret was buried deep under the ground.

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