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Chapter one

Picture this it was 1986. At Fazbear's pizzeria I was sitting at the table peacefully eating my Pizza. When I got jump scared by some kids. I started to cry. They were all wearing masks. One of them picked me up and put me into spring-lock Freddy's mouth. I was still crying. One of my tears touch the spring lock and snap It locked up. Part of my head got bit off. I had to go to the doctors. I got care immediately. It was bad.

10 years later it was still bad, but the doctor sent me home with an IV. So I was fine. 1 night I heard a noise. It came from the hallway. I grabbed my flashlight to see what it was. I looked in the hallway. I saw an animatronic. I got scared. And accidentally shined it with my flashlight. It ran away. I ran back to my bed. My teddy bear started to Twitch Then it splits into two. So I signed it with my flashlight. It went away. I heard a noise in the closet. I took my flashlight to go see what it was. I open the door. It was another animatronic, but now it looks like a fox. I tried flashing it. But that didn't work. So I shut the door and then opened it. It turned into a fox teddy bear. I got the teddy bears from Fazbear's pizzeria. Nobody told me that they were haunted. I was really scared. I had to do it till 6 a.m. At 6 it stopped. I finally got some rest. It happened for six nights. In a row after the six night it stopped finally.

25 years later I'm all grown up. I got a good job. Freddy Fazbear's entertainment Fazbear's pizzeria got shut down because of me. People called it the bite of 86. It's my first day at my job. It starts at 1 p.m. And ends at 6 a.m. I remember this from somewhere. Perhaps my childhood. I still don't know the names of those animatronics. But I know they were scary. And in the out-of-order section There's an animatronic that looked like the one when I was a child. I didn't pay much attention though. I was night guard. When I first got there. There were kids being loud eating and partying They look so happy. I still didn't know any of the animatronics name. Once 2 P.m. Struck everybody was gone. It was empty. I got a phone call that scared me half to death. The phone call said. (((Hello. Hello. This must be Your first night here. I was calling to tell you something about the job so, you know the animatronics. You probably don't know their names. The fox looking one name is foxy. You don't have to worry about Foxy. He shut down doesn't work. In the one who looks like a chicken's name is chica. The one who looks like a bunny's name. Is Bonnie And I mean attraction. The bear name is Freddy. We have a man crew. Chica Freddy and Bonnie is are three main attractions. They kind of move around at night to see if there is any Intruders. If they see you. Go go into Intruder mode. If that happens you have two masks in your room One of them is used for. The three main stars the other one is used for hfyhdrdhbjtf Now, you know what, both of the masks are for Use them carefully You should already know what time your job is over. You will be here for only five nights Your job is to make sure none of the animatronics Wonder out of the restaurant. If one of Open the front door. You have a button in your room. That will close the front door. If they wander in your office. You already know what to do put on the Freddy mask. They will think you are another animatronic and leave you alone. See you later))) Now I know all their names. From when I was a child. They all tried to attack me. Try to kill me. But I didn't let that happen. And I won't now after the after the 5th night I got a phone call. Saying they needed me for one more night. I got to work. The phone call was different. It said something about Foxy working again. And to put on the fox mask to protect myself from it. And all the animatronics We'll still be working. He also said something about a special animatronic. That nobody seen before. Not even the makers of the animatronics. Knew that he existed. He said his name was golden Freddy after he said that I heard screaming. After that sounded like Freddy's. Laugh did Golden Freddy kill him? I got scared. I still got through the night though. At the fourth hour foxy came running at me. I quickly put the fox mask on. It left me alone. At the 5th hour. I encountered golden Freddy. He was creepy. He was sitting in front of me just teleported in front of me. With no inner skeleton no eyes. Nothing, but a shell. Of in animatronic I got scared and ran out. I boarded up the door and all the windows. Nobody went there. Anymore it got shut down. After the incident with the phone guy.

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