Rich Girls Can Lie

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07 | strangers jacket


I LEANED INTO THE BOYS SHOULDER AS I CRIED, I didn’t know his name and yet at that point I didn’t care I had done enough caring about what others will think about me in the last six weeks to last me a lifetime and although the boy seemed quite stiff at first which was understamble since I litterally just launch myself onto him, he soon relaxed into my touch and arkwardly patted my back as I cried and cried and cried and all that was said to me were three words ‘Are you okay?’ but they held more meaning than the boy would ever know

“Sorry” I sniffed as I wriggled out of his touch, suddenly the cold of the early night air getting under my skin and chilling my bones and I instantly missed the boy’s body warmth but refrained myself from hugging him near me again

“It’s quite alright, I needed a new jacket anyway” He shrugged his low chuckle echoing throughout the night sending a shiver down my spine which was completely unrelated to the tempature drop tonight but the boy seemed to think it was at least that was why I thought he shrugged of his worn leather jacket that seemed to small on him and handed it to me

Even though the jacket looked quite snug on him; it could easily fit around my body twice if not for a third time “Thank you” I say to the boy snuggling into the warmth of the jacket. It smelled of sawdust and axe aftershave

“Are you going to be alright now Melanie Philips” The boy spoke slowly as if he knew if he spoke too fast that would set me off and I also saw a flash of recognition flash deep within his brown eyes but I didnt know how he could relate to me, he barely knew anything about me -- apart from my name and who my parents were -- I wasn’t kidding before when I said people automatically thought they knew me just because they saw my face plastered on one in a thousand newspapers and magazine front pages

People always thought they knew me

The truth was, people didnt know I hide my daily pain with a warm smile because I don’t want anyone to see through the cracks in my life and the grief I still carried on my shoulders regarding little Savannah -- but why in my mind telling me that he knew about my burden of grief and has being carrying around most of his life?

“Yes I’m going to go back to my friends house” I lie wishing it was true but knowing it wasn’t because there had only been a handful of times where I had gone to Lacy’s and usually it was when Greg was too drunk or knocked out to even realise I was there but I wasn’t going to risk it -- especially not tonight -- I doubt Lacy would even let me through the door of her house knowing my condition and know how abusive her step father could get when he was mad, which was basically all the time

“Lacy Gregory?” The boy questioned and I sighed see what I mean people thought they knew me and my life before I nodded a stiff nod and flashed him a small smile even though I didn’t feel very smiley at that moment in time

“Okay well at least I know your safe. Keep the jacket it looks better on you that it does on me anyway and I’ll be going now” He says a slight awkward edge to his normal deep voice as he steps back into the shadows the dark of the night engulfing his stand out features as he turns to go but before he can get very far I grab his wrist and pull him back towards

“Since you know my name, isn’t it only fair that I know yours” I smirk

“Ahh Sunshine your not going to try and stalk me are you?” He says a smirk turning up his lips

“Just tell me” I sigh he wasn’t making this any easier

“Where’s the fun in that Philips?” His smirk never fading as he pulls out of my grasp and takes a few steps backwards before he turned around and took of running and only then did I notice the small fist like bruise on his face and the ice pack he was holding over it

I stood there frozen for a minute all I could do was blink at the scene I had just witnessed a stranger than I only know from passing ended up helping me and when I asked him what his name was he wouldn’t tell me? Did I get that right? I’m not sure all I can do is replay the scene in my head

I sat down my back pressed against the cool brick wall as I look up to the sky, there was few stars in the sky tonight but for some reason I liked that because the stars that were there seemed to shine even more brightly in the sky and as the cold wind slowly numbs my limbs I find myself wrapping myself even tighter into the jacket that smelled of axe and sawdust and my thoughts finally drift and I find myself thinking of the boy in the leather jacket

He really intrigued me but I don’t know why because I didn’t even know what his name was and I’ll probably never see him again so it hardly mattered and I should probably just forget all about him at least that was what I was trying to tell myself when I finally unfreeze and go out of the alleyway I guess I’m sleeping rough tonight

I don’t know where I will sleep but I guess I’ll just have to figure it out

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