Rich Girls Can Lie

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08 | collision course


IT WAS DARK BY THE TIME I ENTERED MY HOUSE, THE BRUISING FULLY CONCEALED BY MAKEUP THAT I FOUND LYING ABOUT IN THE BOTTOM OF MY BAG, hey don’t laugh If you get beat up as often as I do you learn to conceal it with a bit of makeup . The door creaked open and I winced, sure that my parents could hear it but when no sound stemmed from the side of the house I sighed and stepped in the dark hallway

Moments later my eyes were shielded by my hand that had to suddenly block out the bright light that had been switched on abruptly chasing away any sign of darkness and when I lower my hands I imediantly want to put my hands back up to my face and shield my eyes and then for the fucking floor to swallow me up because I was met with the extremely pissed of faces of my mom and dad

“Where were you?” My mom whisper yells at me in a hush tone and I could only assume that was because my little sister, Jessie, was tucked into bed asleep by now given the time. My mother’s voice was laced with concern and I tried to brush of the corcern twinkling in her eyes as concern for me being out at the late hour but in my heart I know it wasn’t be

I knew they wouldn’t believe the truth so with a notcelent shrug I answer “Out”

“You were supposed to be home two hours ago young man” My father scolds me trying to sound like an actual father but that man hasn’t held the title in over a year and is a shitty excuse for one if you ask me

I roll my eyes and sigh “I’m eighteen Dad for fucks sake when are you going to treat me like one? If my dad wasn’t pissed off before he sure was now. His face contoured into one of rash anger and the poor sod looked just about ready to explode

“Don’t you talk back to me Elliot William Walker” He shouted pointing a bulging finger in my direction

“Nicholas!” My mom hisssd at him from the corner of her mouth “Jessica is in bed and trying to sleep so please try and refrain from yelling” She proceeds to wrap an arm around his arm in a calming manor and pulls him away from me slightly while she whispers soothing words in his ear trying to calm him down, my dad’s always had a nasty temper

And guess who he is recently taking his anger out on? Me

I turn away from my parents who have now delved into a hushed argument and head towards the foot of the steps trying to pretend that the hushed criticism that reaches my ears doesn’t sting when my parents say it “He’s eighteen for god sakes Angela” My dad points out in a harsh hushed whisper to my mom “He needs to start acting his age and get a fucking job you know when I was his age I worked 3 jobs along with my studying to support my family and most importantly he needs t pull his weight around the house because god knows what he does cooped up inside that dark room all day”

“I know Nick but he needs his space after what happened last year --”

“Bullshit he doesn’t need space he needs help but every therapist we take him to he refuses to speak with and if he refuses to speak with someone for his benefit then I refuse to spend another cent of any medication or relaxants the doctors prescribe until he gets his act together Angela and I’ll tell him that goddamn will I tell him that” My dad raises his voice a bit but it was still in a hushed whisper so he probably though I couldn’t hear that bastard

Having heard enough of where I was crouched in the middle of the staircase I stand up and swivel around on my foot and march down the stairs and grab my jacket before announcing to my parents who hadnt noticed my presence due to the fact that they were both still arguing “Fine Dad you have a problem with me living here? Then I guess I’ll just have to not live under your roof anymore. How does that sound?” My voice was oozing with sarcasm and pure hatred and before they could stop me from going or even catch up to what was happening I stepped outside into the frigid night air and slammed the door shut

The night was frigid and stiff and I had half a mind to go back inside the house just to get a warmer jacket rather then a thin one made out of worn out denim jacket but then decided against it as I might not get away a second time and besides I had my other jacket which was warmer but I gave that one away

It didn’t matter at the time as I didnt need it them but now I wish I hadnt given it up but it doesn’t matter she looked like she needed it more than I did

God when did I become such a sappy person

I have no idea where I was thinking of going but I knew I wouldnt last long because I only have $20 in my wallet so I guess by dad was right when he said I would have to get a job but that would have to wait until tomorrow because I doubt anywhere would be open at 2:00 on a Friday night except maybe the bars and nightclubs

No, all of the stuff like getting a job that I can afford a crappy little apartment with would have to wait because for now I need a place to crash for the night.

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