Rich Girls Can Lie

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09 | trying to be normal


WATERY SUNLIGHT LEAKS OUT FROM UNDER THE CLOUDS BY THE TIME MY EYES FINALLY CLOSE, and even though it’s in an old manky bed I have never been so relieved to shut my eyes for the night even though I will probably have to wake up in about an hour or two I still find my eyes shutting

An hour later though I’m waking up and immediantly I find myself dashing out of my bed and towards the bathroom, as a sickly knot ties itself in my stomach and I find myself leaning over the toilet bowl, but I was carefully not to touch it as there are weird stains on it and I have no idea when the last time this motel room was cleaned properly, as I throw up the contexts of my stomach, which isnt very much considering I skipped dinner last night

My throat burned as I finsh throwing up the acidic taste still burning my throat even after I washed my mouth out with water that supposedly ‘drinking water’ and I found myself wanting to curl up into a ball and cry but then I realise I have school and it probably wouldn’t be the best idea to turn up to school late and in such a mess

Reluctantly I drag myself up from the position on the floor that I found myself in and dragged myself to my room to change into clothes that looked presentable and not like I had just spent a night in a manky motel after all my parents are the richest in New York and they emphasis this to the media by buying me big poofy and expensive gowns as well as throwing a ball or two every other week so even if I don’t feel the part I should at least look it right?

Finally in the bottom of my duffel bag I manage to get a hold of something that isn’t jackets and leggings and a couple of dresses. I think I may hav found an outfit that looks presentable and like I’ve put effort into my appearance

It was a black long sleeved lacy number that hid my slight six and a half week bump behind it’s dark fabric and I paired that with a white skirt that showed off my tanned legs and made them seem as if they were endless. For shoes I slipped on a pair of open toed heels and I put on a little concealer to hide the bags that were starting to form under my eyes from the little sleep I got last night I also colour my lips a pinkie rosy colour

Finally I grab a hold of my Gucci limited edition handbag that I use for school as it wasn’t one of my nicer ones and tipped a bottle of pills that I grabbed from the 24 hour coinvent store, before I checked into this motel into my bag since I will need them later on to keep my from feeling sick

As a last thought I grabbed hold of the boys jacket from last night if not to keep me covered from the prying eyes of News reporters then it could be used to keep the cold November air off my back

My heels clicked along the marbel tiling of RedBrick Academy as I go in search of my best friend to tell her I was alright and had survived the night. Late into it finding a run down motel in a deserted corner of town and the staff working there were obviously too tired to even care who I was

As I reach my locker I notice my curly red headed friend leaning against my locker worry carved into both of her features and her eyes but as soon as she saw me relief flushed her features and she rushed over to me wrapping me into a tight hug looking like she was on the verge of tears causing people nearby to raise an eyebrow in our direction -- it was a rule here that proper ladies don’t hug and they certainly don’t cry -- but right now I didn’t care about the rules, all I cared about was the girl in my arms

“Oh my God Melly I’m so glad your safe,” She whispered squeezing me even tighter but she was careful that she didn’t squish my baby bumb as she continued with her frantic whispering “You know last night I couldn’t sleep I was so worried about you, you know if Gregory wasn’t home at the minute I would have let you sleep on the sofa only I don’t know how safe it would be with Gregory around and with the unborn baby. What if he got into one of his acholistic stupors and took it out on you. Melly I jus couldn’t bear that”

My heart tugs, she lives with a guardian who simply doesn’t care about her and spends his dead wives money on gambling and liquor and he drinks and drinks until he’s in a stupor and she has to work two jobs just to keep a roof over her and her step father’s head she has all of that to worry about but yet she’s still worried about me?

How on earth did I get a friend like Lacy Gregory in my life?

“Shh Lace I’m fine I’m fine stop worrying I’ll buy an apartment after school. It was just too late last night to do anything last night and so I ended up in a motel not far from her derserted and so no reporters bugged me last night it was actually quite plesent -- being by myself” I said twisting the truth at some parts so she wouldn’t act so worried about me I also left out the fact that I got little to no sleep last night and felt horrible

But at least when she pulled back she had a small smile tugging at her lips

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