Rich Girls Can Lie

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10 | beat down



Was the first thing I thought, when I woke up in the morning in a shitty mood but that wasn’t unusual for me I was also somehow pissed of at something or other I guess I would just have to add my dad to the list of things that pissed me off

And right now there was a lot of things and people on that list

But the thing that was unusual for me was to wake up without the smell of burning bacon making my nose crinkle and the alarms blaring from around the house therefore waking me from my slumber and the other unusual thing for me to wake up to was me not waking up in my own bed and instead a crappy manky motel bed that hundreds of people have slept on before me

I tried not to let that thought linger too long in my mind as I rolled out of bed my sleep filled eyes barely connecting to the dusty alarm clock on the chipped wooden nightstand next to the single bed that was pushed up against the thin walls of the room

7:50 a.m.

Crap! I overslept again but I doubt I would be late considering I didn’t have to get dressed seen as for the time being all I had to wear was the clothes on my back -- no matter how unkept they were, because I left in a hurry last night I didn’t really have time to pack and so the clothes on my back and my second leather jacket of the night along with my wallet were the only things I had

I quickly put water on my hair to make it damp and styled it a little before dashing out the door and down the stairs to the lobby, my beat up chucks slapped the wood flooring as I rushed out the door ignoring people dirty looks people gave me as I pushed past them as I hurried off to school

Don’t get me wrong I do hate school, in fact I fucking loathed it but if my attendance dropped anymore I would struggle to get the credits I need to graduate in a few months so I had to drag my ass into school even if I didn’t have the energy

I hoped Hunter and his gang decided to skip today because I have no energy to deal with that either

I scowl as I walk down the hallway of Eastwood south high. Large groups of people still scattered around leaning against the lockers and sectretly exchanging drugs even though the warning bell had gone minutes ago and they were probably going to be late to class but nobody gives a shit around here about much

People on the Southside sell and exchange drugs because their a quick way to make money to support their families without getting a really job as most of the jobs are shitty on this side of town and if you were lucky enough to get a job that wasn’t a teacher or a nurse or a lawyer or some shit like that, you are most likely going to be selling and exchanging drugs but most people didn’t mind because as I say it is a quick fix to make cash until you can land a steady job far away from this fucking small town and it was an even quicker way to forget your problems even if it was just for a while

I liked drugs because they took the fucking edge off of life

My parent’s would be pissed I they found out I’ve been popping the pills again or smoking weed but and getting stoned but fuck if I cared becauseI didn’t live under their roof anymore and I was a legal adult being eighteen and all so I could do whatever the hell I wanted smoke drink, do drugs whatever it didn’t impact them anymore

I didn’t move straight away when the late bell rang I hung around my locker, even though I had nothing to put in the metal box since I left all my textbooks at shit at home last night but that was alright since I never had them anyway so the teachers couldn’t do anything

Heck, half the teachers didnt even care and was as bad off as some of their students

I know I should’ve moved when I saw Hunter storming down the hallway rage bulging in his eyes as he made his way over to me but hey I was always going to have to face him someday so why not now?

“Got my fucking money yet Ellie” Hunter snarled

“No, one: I said you’ll get your fucking money by the end of the week” I replied in a stone cold monotone voice although my words were a lie, I had no money I was broke and even if I did I wasn’t living at home so I couldn’t acess it “and two don’t call me Ellie” I finish of anger lacing my tone

“You bettter or---” He made a finger gun and shot it at my head

“Okay I get the message” My voice had an edge to it “Now can you get out of my way”

“A week Ellie” Hunter snarled before walking away leaving me alone and my heart thudding out of my chest

What would I do now?

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