Rich Girls Can Lie

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11 | crossed pathways


THE RAIN SLAMMED DOWN FROM THE GRAY CLOUDS AS I WALKED HOME AFTER SCHOOL THAT DAY, which made my mood sour even more, I had been throwing up all day and could barely keep my lunch down without feeling the need to throw it up again

Ahh my morning sickness was horrible

As well as the morning sickness I had become very fatigued and exhausted and have on mutliple occasions nearly fallen asleep in my classes luckily though I had Lacy in nearly all of my classes and every time she noticed I was dosing off she would kick my leg under my chair to jolt me back awake

It’s a good thing I had Lacy otherwise I would crumble

It’s just coming up to my seventh week of the pregnacy and I already find myself slowly crumbling away because of stress and the burden on my shoulders that I was actually raped and that my parents didn’t support me and instead kicked me to the curb and I don’t know what to do when I actually have the baby I’m so unprepared, I can’t keep it because of how financially unstable I am like I don’t even have a house at the minute and what am I just expected to raise the baby on the streets? But that being said I don’t supposed I’d have the heart to actually give the baby away

I guess I have eight months to decide what the hell I’m going to do

But first I needed to get an apartment, I pull my designer black and pink raincoat tighter around me trying to shield myself from the rain that slammed down from the sky but it didn’t real do much as the white skirt and black blouse were already pretty much soaked through and the freezing rain was numbing my bare legs

I hurried the rest of the way back to the motel -- which was just around the corner -- and slipped inside there was a radiator that admitted a small amount of warmth but not nearly enough to warm up my numb muscles

Ducking my head as I walk past the dingy reception desk I head to the elevator carefully avoiding the eyes of the now more awake reception staff. Last night the reception staff tending to the reception were all barely awake so nobody really recognised me even though I had to give my name in order to get my room key but now it looks like their more awake and fresh and might recognise me if I wasn’t so drenched so just to be sure that they wouldn’t I avoid eyes that may be glancing in my direction

Once I get to the elevator I push the button and wait for the doors to slide open and as I do I pull my phone out of my rain mac pocket. When I pull it out the screen is slightly splashed with rain water but I rub it off the best I can with the back of my hand before unlocking my phone and going through the contacts to get the one I need

I hear the ding of the boxy elevator and step inside without looking up from the ‘L’ category list on my phone. Suddenly I feel myself collide with another body and take a step back to catch myself before I ended up on the floor and when I looked up to see the pissed off person in front of me I immediately felt angry

“Are we going to keep meeting like this?” I demand

“Well I see Little Miss Sunshine still hasn’t learnt manors!” He quips

“And I see you’ve not got a better personality” I bite back but immediately feel guilty when his face turns cold and his eyes turn stormy

“Look here Miss Philips you know nothing about me or my life so you have no right whatsoever to say that to me. You don’t know what hardships I’m going through at the minute so you cannot judge me if my mood is a little sour, your life might be perfect because you’ve got daddy’s money and mommy’s love but some of us -- here in the real world -- don’t have that and we actually have to work for things because life isn’t simple handed to us on a silver platter, so run along you can stop trying to hang around us commoners and go back to your perfect life” The boy spits at me making me flinch and step back on impulse

The doors to the elevator slide open and I step out not caring that this wasn’t actually my floor I just wanted to get away from the boy. Was he usually this harsh? He hadn’t been last night, he had actually be good and kind and patient towards me and he seemed to know the pain I was going through

But now, he acts as if he doesn’t want to even be near me or with in 10 feet of me, so what changed from today from last night? Or was last night an act and now here he was showing his true colours

The elevators doors slid close blocking me from the view of the scowling boy but before they closed completely I saw him take one hand out of his tattered black jacket and push the button for the elevator to go up another floor before the doors completely obstructed my view of him

I stood there for a minute, completely still and blinking only a few times a minute as my brain tries to catch up with what has just happened. Did someone just say that to me? Like to my actually face? And why was he so rude about it?

I won’t lie to myself and say it didn’t hurt what he said because it sure as hell did

I just hope I never see his handsome face again.

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