Rich Girls Can Lie

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12 | ecstasy


GUILT FLOODED THROUH ME LIKE ECTASY AS I WALK OUT OF THE HANGING METAL BOX, I didn’t mean to be rude to Melanie well at least I didn’t mean to be as rude as I was but she was the first thing that gave me an excuse to shout out and I know it was uncalled for, well most of the things I said were but there was some truth laced within my little rant but Hunter was on my ass all day about me owing him money

And in a way he was right, I did owe him money, I just didn’t have the amount he was asking for and hell if I got $500,000 in a week, my parents didn’t have that kind of money,(or the money they did have was put into my collage funds which I couldn’t access until I was eighteen which was still two months away and by then I would probably have had my ass handed to me.) We were considered poor by the families around us just because they had a bigger income and even if the money existed I doubted I would be able to just walk in the house and demand $5,000 to fund my drug habits

My parents would freak out and my ass would be back in a rehabilitation hospital faster than I could even blink

So I had to do this on my own

But how was a lowlife druggie kid who basically walked out of his own home just because he didn’t like his fathers harsh but true words supposed to raise $500,000 by the end of the week? With no money to my name and a feverish addiction to any illegal drug it’s starting to seem like an impossible task

I’m basically fucked

So that was why I screamed at Melanie the princess, New York’s sweetest darling but I had a reason and now you know that reason, now all I have to do is try to figure out how the hell I am going to raise $500,000 in the space of a week

Sitting on the crappy must-be-made-of-rocks bed, I review my options, I have three options so far and I don’t know which of the three is the most terrifying for me to actually carry out : Option one is to run away but like I said earlier I have no money to my name and without a job I doubt I would last all that long so thats pretty useless plus even if I did have a little bit of cash to fall back on Hunter has people in nearly every town in the state who I’m sure would happily ring up Hunter if they ever saw me running away from my problems...Once again

Option two: Option two is far more simple but it probably ends the same way no matter what option I chose to do, this option just cuts out the middle part where I try to run away and think I’m free from all my problems. No this option is all about acceptance I just have to be a man and accept what will happen if I don’t get the fucking money. I’ll just go to Hunter and get my lights beat out of me pretty badly but hopefully after that has happened he’ll either give me another month or two to come up with the money or if he’s feeling generous and if he feel’s like he’s painted my body with enough black and blue bruises then he’ll half the money I owe him or if I’m really lucky and all my Christmas miracle’s come at once he’ll forget about me and the money I owe him and move onto tormenting another poor bastards life and after all it’s not like I’ve not been in this situation before one too many have I had to do this in order to just get an extension

Option three: Option three is a slightly different option one that I’ve not face before and one that is entirely that more terrifying than having my shit kicked out of me. Option three is new and could be deadly if I got too attached to the subject but if I could pull it off then it would be celebrations all over and option number three is to get close to someone with enough money, to gain their trust enough that they will lend me the money to pay off my debt to Hunter and then I never have to see his face again

And if I did chose to do option three then I have the absolute perfect person in mind

Hunter: Six days left buddy six fucking days left until you have to pay me back every single cent that I have ever lent you over the past two years and don’t you even think about asking for a fucking extension I need that money and I need it in six days and if you try to run well we all know how that turned out dont we? :) Have a great day bud and I’ll see you in six days if I dont see you beforehand

I stare at my phone screen in numb shock, anxiety flowed through my veins lighting them on fire and making me feel like I was on ecstasy again . I was out of options, there were no choices left. Hunter had basically stomped on my first two options with a wide smirk and now time was running out, faster than sand through a sand timer and there was no way I could come up with another plan in the short window span that son of a bitch has given me

So that left me with option number three

I didn’t know whether I should do three the more I thought upon it but now I see I have no choice I will have to become friends with the one and only Miss Melanie Philips a day after I was rude to her

God please help me

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