Rich Girls Can Lie

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14 | dumb decisions


I WAS OFFICIALLY THE WORST PERSON TO EVER LIVE, the girl I was trying to get money out of was pregnant? I do feel bad I mean I felt bad even when I didn’t know she was pregnant because of how risky it was and I didn’t really want to do anyway because I didn’t think it was the right thing to do anyway -- treating a human being with faux kindness just to get them to give you something in return it was like the worst type of backstabbing -- but the time for me to think of another plan was virtually non-excitant so I would have to stick with this one, no matter how horrible I know it’s going to turn out.

I find my eyes drooping close even though I’m literally in the middle of chaos the teacher unable to control her students she flaps and waves her arms around hopelessly trying to get the class under control

“EVERYONE STOP OR I’LL GET THE PRINCIPLE INVOLVED ” The hopeless yell of my teacher cuts through the classroom bouncing off the walls but it still had little to no impact people were still chatting loudly lazing around and just generally disregarding the teacher and to be honest I was doing mostly the same thing but I was quiet about it

“SHUT UP LADY” Callen one of Hunter’s friends shouts back his tone casual like he was just talking back to one of his mates. The teachers meets Callen’s casual glances with a baffled stare before her face turns hard determination flooding through her face as she tries once again to take control of the rowdy chaotic students but once again she has no luck

The teacher looks once more at the class, a baffled expression lighting up her face before she flops her hands back down at her sides and literally walks out the classroom leaving 28 troublesome kids in her wake

As soon as the door shuts over the place is absolute bedlam

Sheets fly off the desk and the few kids that have actually remained in their seats got up scraping their chairs back, filling the room with a horrible noise so I rest my head on the desk using my arm as a rest for it as some students clamber up on the desks their shrill laughter filling the classroom to replace the scraping sounds -- honest to God I didn’t know which sound was worse.

“Hey, got Hunt’s money yet Ellie” Callen sneered in my ear

I don’t bother looking up from resting my head on the desk “I told you, Hunter will get his fucking money by the end of the week” I mumble, that is if my plan falls through and actually works he’ll get his money because I hate to imagine what’ll actually happen to me if I come up even $1 short

Though I do look up when I hear Callen’s slimy voice “He better or else you know what’ll happen” He says darkly

I actually didn’t know what would happen but I dreaded to actually think of my uncertain rocky future with Hunter I could barely even think about the last time I got him this mad. He came to my house in the middle of the night, red faced and spilling anger holding a gun firmly in his hands, he pressed the gun to my temple while I was still in bed and hissed me awake like a snake

“Wake up Ellie, it’s time for you to die” Was what he hissed like a snake

His words were confident fluid like but his hands were a different story, they shook like a leaf as he grasped the gun in his overly sweaty palms and he looked as white as a sheet but he refused to show it through his stormy snake like eyes so because I could see how shaken he was I was able to talk him down

That was about two years ago

I was worried about what he was going to do now that he was bigger stronger and more snakelike than ever before, I was terrified then but now I am beyond petrified of what he would do I’ve seen him beat up sophomores over lunch money so they’re in such a state that they couldn’t speak for an entire week

“I know what’ll happen I tell you” I say matching his dark tone “But if you don’t shut up you’ll lose too many brain cells. Tell me Callen what is it like being Hunter’s lackey always having to follow his orders like a good little bitch”

Callen’s eyes hold so much rage for me right then and then I thought he was going to wring my neck in right then and there but his eyes just twitches and his lips curls into an ugly sneer as he bangs his fist on the table making me wince a little as he says low and threating “Your the one who used be Hunter’s bitch and he knows all the ways to hurt you so just remember that friend the next time you try to use humour on me” then the bastard sod walked away from laughing with his dumb mates

I know I just made the dumbest decision of like

But hey I’m going to hell anyway might as well go out in style

I glare at the back of Callen’s backside but don’t make a move as I stay in my seat and put my head back down on the desk as I try to ignore the chaos still happening around me it was literally chaotic even though I had a confrontation with Callen and this school craves gossip like a moth when it is drawn to a flame

Finally the bell rings and the chaos dies down to the occasional snort of laughter as people shuffle out of the classroom for their last period before the end of the day.

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