Rich Girls Can Lie

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15 | lean on me


THE DAY I HAD JUST GONE THROUGH WAS HELL. People stared at me, everywhere I dared to go it didn’t matter how numb I felt I could shake the feeling of eyes that seemed to follow me throughout the day

Eyes trailed after me as I went through my day no matter how hard I tried to jump simply ignore it, it was impossible people seemed enticed by my break down this morning and wouldn’t stop whispering their theories through the hallways of how I got myself pregnant most of then were just saying about how I slept around and one day I forgot to take my pill and then within a few weeks I found out I was pregnant

Even though I was a virgin before I was raped

That didn’t matter to the gossips of RedBrick they span every possible theory and rumour that they could but they truth seemed to fall on deaf ears or if people did actually listen to what I had to say, they just thought I was crying rape to get attention because I was an “Egotistical spoiled brat who only craves attention”

Honestly I haven’t had this bad of a day, since the day I found out Savannah had died

Thank God though I had Lacy with me, I don’t know what I would do without her, she literally is my saving grace she would coddled me with words that made me, maybe just for a minute forget about the harsh words that are spat on my name and makes me half smile when I feel like all hope is lost

I’ve gone from the most adored girl to the most hated one in the space of a week

“Don’t listen to them Melly, listen to me I’m the one that’s important I’m the only one you should listen to because I’m your best friend and right now I’m the only voice you should hear” Lacy tells me, her voice soft but has an air of authority to her voice

I nod my head although I wasn’t really focusing on her words and was mainly focusing on not throwing up my lunch as I restlessly sit in my fourth period Science class unfortunately it was just after lunch and I tended to get morning sickness just after lunch so this fourth period was perticually horrible to me and it didn’t help that everyone’s eyes were still on me making my stomach twist with nerves

That just made me feel even more sick

“Miss Philips and Miss Gregory would you please pay attention in my lessons” Ms Adams barked at us from behind her desk at the front of her desk, she looked at us through narrowed baby blue eyes over her roundish glasses, her face was scrunched up into a rather ugly grimance and her auburn hair was scraped back into a perfect bun not a single grey hair falling out of place -- she was a perfectionist like most of the teachrts and students at this school

I used to be a perfectionist but I guess in the past week my name was dragged through the mud

I was a slut now, a fucking homewrecker

“Yes M’am” Lacy says hiding the underlaying sarcasm in her tone with a sweet smile etching on her face twitching up the corners of her lips and making me have to slam my hand over my mouth to stop me from laughing out loud and getting us in even more trouble

The teacher huffs and glares at us one more time before turning back to the board and continuing droning on about whatever the lesson was about and as I look around the girls that aren’t glancing back at me every few second are hurriedly scribbling down notes on the lesson but even the girls that are glancing at me every few minutes make a point to tune in to the rest of the lesson

All except one, Kenzie Greenheart

Kenzie Greenheart was a sweetheart of the school and with her background she got almost anything she could ever want. Her parents were nearly as rich as mine with her father working from barely nothing to be able to build a thriving lawyer firm was something that interested the press very much and her mother used to be a prime actress in her day before she retired so she could have kids

She had a sweetheart face one of the many, many reasons she was called a sweetheart at school and just past her breasts red hair that attracts the attention of those around her like a month drawn to a flame and light brown eyes that only add to her beauty as well as sun kissed freckles dotting over her nose cheeks and shoulders

Her sympatric brown eyes skirt away when she catches me holding her gaze which is understandable since I haven’t talked to her since I was eleven years old but we used to be best friends

When the bells rings for the transition to go to Advanced Literature I practically jump out of my seat along with Lacy and Ms Adams gave me one long hard glare before she dismissed the class who were just about as eager as I appeared to be to get the day over with

I was half way to the door when I heard Kenzie’s voice “Hey Melanie I want to talk to you, can we talk after school?” I spin around to face her when she catches my arm and forces me to look at her and I notice how her eyes are full of a determined fire and I find myself nodding my head much to my own confusion as well as Lacy and Kenzi’s

She slowly let go of my arm and I walked away grabbing hold of Lacy’s arm as I walk out of the door and I find myself ignoring her ‘What the hell’ face as I walk over to the bathroom, bile rising to my throat

Great morning sickness

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