Rich Girls Can Lie

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16 | the little things


CALLEN'S WARNING WAS SUPPOSED TO SCARE ME, I knew it was and I also knew I shouldn’t be scared I have been dealing with Callen and Hunter and the rest of his little goons since I was fifteen and most of the comments I just brush off and continue with the rest of my day but one thing that the son of a bitch said to me stuck in my head like a record on a loop “Your the one who used be Hunter’s bitch and he knows all the ways to hurt you so just remember that”

A shiver ran down my spine as I remember how close the three of us were: Callen Hunter and I used to be the best of friends we were so close we were considered brothers by those around us and what was worse was the fact that I thought of us as brothers to, we would do almost anything for one another it didn’t matter whether it was a little thing like copying one another’s homework or a big thing like taking the blame for something you didn’t do

The music that was playing seemed to fade into the background as another memory from my past took hold of me and I went reeling into a memory I really didn’t want to revisit but alas I didn’t really hold any choice I’m so broken down that bad memories swarm around my head all the time and I just have to think of something else to stop myself from thinking about things too much but sometimes like now I can’t help it and memories take over

| F L A S H B A C K |

The dark night chased away any signs of light and live as Hunter Callen and I travel down the streets in dark hoods and clothing as we try the best we possible can to blend into the nights shadows

We quickly ran across snickering to ourselves at how quickly we managed to do that, but we knew we didn’t want to get caught these people that we stole our product back off were so much bigger and stronger than us and I certainly didn’t want to get caught as it would mean trouble and I didn’t live for that

Hunter and Callen however did

So when the biker gang tracked us all down and wanted their product back. Hunter and Callen started a fight but being the sensible one I tried to break the fight but I ended up getting hit over the head with a beer bottle and I fell down unconscious

I woke up hours later in a hospital bed my wrists handcuffed to the sides of the bed and along with my family there was a police officer and when I asked what happened he told me that residence of the town Hunter Callen and I called the police after hearing sounds of a fight and when the police arrived the scene was clear with the shattered glass bottle laying on the ground along with my blood splatter from my head injury and the mound of product that my brothers and I were trying to steal back

I soon found out that apparently I was arrested on possession of drugs and Hunter and Callen were nowhere to be seen

\ E N D O F F L A S H B A C K \

I shook my head to try and get the memory out of my head and I relax and sigh in relief as the voice of Skillet floods through the earphones as I make my way back to the crappy hotel I was staying at along with New York’s sweetest darling and I must admit it is a little weird being in the same room as her but I have to get used to it if I want my plan to work because as Callen sweetly reminded me in the second to last period of he day, time was slowly running out

I held my breathe when I saw Melanie Philips walk down the street not looking particularly Sunshiny at the moment as she walks closer to me. The indented scowl on her face told me so and I knew that it could be risky approaching her right now but I needed to start talking to her if I was going to gain her trust

Before I had too much time to think about it, I made up my mind

“Hey Sunshine” I call out to her as I walk closer to her. For a minute it looked as if she was in her own little world full of sunshines and rainbows, what you didn’t think I had put thought into my litte nickname for The darling of New York because she didn’t look up at me for another minute and when she did her scowl deepened

“What?” She barked out and her tone and me coiling backwards

“Well isn’t someone a little drop of sunshine?” I drawl sarcastically

“Oh yes I’m sure I am when I’ve just had the day from hell” She bites back

“Are people giving you a hard time about your little sprog?” I ask curiosity taking over

“No” She says a hint of sarcasm flowing through her voice “People just think I’m a hokmewrecking slut” She sighs sadness washing clear over her faces and for a minute I actually felt sorry for the girl it must be hard going from New York’s most adored to New York’s most hated with the snap of a camera lenses

“But aren’t you?” I ask but instantly know that was the wrong thing time to bring it up

“No” She practicallly yells in my face “I’m not a homewrecking slut” Then a sob wracks through her body and I get a steange sense of Da Ja Vu as I pull her away from the crowds that have started to gather and round the corner into an alleyway

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