Rich Girls Can Lie

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17 | the talks with a handsome jerk

THE AIR AROUND ME FEELS THICK, as I walk away from school a hand resting over my slightly protude belly in a protective manor, as if that will protect the unborn baby from the cruel nature of the world when it is born, The conversation with Kenzie however hung as thick as the air around me in my mind

"I believe you Mel but that doesn’t mean everyone will" Kenzie said her light brown eyes boring into my own pale blue eyes and I could feel the sympathy coming from her voice and in that moment I truely didn’t know if I wanted to smack her for pitying me or burst out crying because she was the first one to not take my parents side and believe my side of the story

But eventually after some time tears started streaming not so gracefully down my face but I didn’t care in that moment as I sat down on the slightly dewy grass and hugged my kness to my chest as I whispered out ”Why?"

Mackenzie shot me a disbelieving look one that basically read ’Are you stupid”, she cleared her throat before explaining her reasoning to me and I must say I was so shell shocked at her kindness I didn’t stop her from walking away after she has said that like I should have done ”Because even if we stopped being friends I know you wouldn’t lie about something like rape just to get a kick out of everyones reactions you simple aren’t that type of person" She sated before walking away leaving me sat there on the dewy grass my mouth hung slightly ajar with every word the schools sweatheart just said to me

Now I was walking down the streets minding my own buisness, my mind filling up like a balloon of flashbacks of my talk with the talanted Kenzie Greenheart and how she said she believed me and I was too stupid to stop the girl from leaving

“Hey Sunshine” A voice drifts to my ears which seems so far off but so close to me and it took me a moment to realise that someone was actually speaking to me however when I realised this my head snapped up and I was met with the lobsided grin of the handsome jerk that I still didn’t know the name of

“What?” I bark out my tone was rough and edgy but at this point I didn’t really care because I was drained and tired after the day of emotional torture that I had just endured. My tone made him flinch but as I said I didn’t really care, I was past it at this point and I don’t think people really minded at this point either

“Well isn’t someone a little drop of sunshine?” He drawled sarcastically

“Oh yes I’m sure I am when I’ve just had the day from hell” I bite back making his smirk waver

“Are people giving you a hard time about your little sprog?” He says curiosity crossing his features making them look much softer in comparison to the look of steel he usually wore whenever I met with him

“No” I stated letting sarcasm drip from my tone as I bite back on my venomous tone. Why was he so curios anyway? Was he going to use it against me? Surely by now if he’d pick up any magazine on a random street corner it would eplain what news reporters thought of me whether it was the good or the bad usually it was latter “People just think I’m a hokmewrecking slut”

I inwardly sigh when I see the pity shining in his forrest green eyes and I resit the urge to smack him, it wasn’t his fault that people thought that way and he seemed to think differently to the other people about town that was what I thought well that was until he open his mouth and words came out, words that I never thought would be uttered to my face “But aren’t you? and then I really did have to contain myself from stopping decking him round the nose

“No” I state through gritted teeth my voice raising to a yell “I’m not a homewrecking slut”

At this point my whole body was practically shaking with newdound rage as hot tears streamed down my face and I barely registered the arms looping around my waist and pulling me away from the crowds that were quickly gathering

“Alright sorry I shouldn’t of asked I didn’t expect you to throw one of your rich girl crying fits when someone says something you don’t want to hear” His voice is calm and doesn’t have that rough edge that his tone usually has but his words cut like a sharp knife through my heart. Is he normally this much of a jerk?

He did try to apologise though

Granted it was a half arsed one but the handsome jerk that I adopted labelling him since I dont know his actually name doesn’t seem like the type to apologise all to often so I guess I would just have to take it but it didn’t mean I was going to take it quietly

“A rich girl crying fit?” I repeat rage building up inside me until I felt like I was going to explode. Why did people think about me that way? Why do people always jump to conclusions without getting to know what I was truly like? Why did they think that just because I was a Rich Girl I would lie about all sorts of things. I swear even my parents believed that ridiculous tale at one point in time (especially when they kicked me out)

It was like an unspoken rule: Don’t believe Rich Girls because they can lie

“Well yeah don’t you throw a fit like a three year old when you don’t get your way” He pressed on thinking he was 100% completely right in doing so “I mean you probably made up the lie of you being raped because you slept around and then one day you actually did get pregnant and you can’t stand the guilt so you make up the tale that you were raped”

Tears sprang to my eyes as I whispered out “I was raped”

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