Rich Girls Can Lie

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18 | shush little darlin'


“I WAS RAPED.” Her voice was barely a whisper and I had to strain my hearing to pick up on what she was actually saying and for a minute I thought she was still going off with the tale that she made up because she as ashamed but then I took a real look at her face and realised that there was a slim chance that the pretty and pink Melanie Philips was actually lying because honesty seemed to leak out of her face much like the tears were

A few moments passed where I found myself unable to speak, too shocked to speak. What has New York’s sweet darling just said to me? I can’t figure out if I didnt know that already and I was just scared because if I believed her side of the story then I would have been the club of only a few people to do so and the fact that I was already tied up with the Hunter shit and didn’t want anymore drama adding to the fact

“What?” I state almost dumbly

“I was raped” Melanie Philips repeated again her voice just a little stronger than the first time although her voice was now barely above a whisper as tears continued to stream down her almost porcelain skin I was right when I said she looked like a pretty little doll especially now hurt and upset filling her features she looked like a life sized china doll that if dropped could shatter into tiny shards

“How?” I ask now I knew I was being dumb

“Do you remember the benefit part my parents held a few months ago?” Melanie asked her voice small and I nodded. How could anyone forget the benefit ball the Philips held all the months ago? It was all over the news that Porcha and Ellis were trying to fund another charity to help disadvantaged teens all over the U.S although the rest of the people in the town thought it was a wonderful idea I thought it was bullshit they were just doing this to gain more money to fund their luxury lifestyle

“Well” Melanie continue in the same small voice “I dont quite know what was going through my mind at the time but when Lacy left because of some family issues I found myself alone and slowly I found myself wondering over to the liquor bar, the bar tender was just smoking a ciggy outside and so I stole some tequila shots”

The more she talked the more I doubted she was actually raped because if she was blackout drunk how like I presumed she would have been does she know that she was actually raped? Or did she just wake up and presume that that was what had happened? After a night of sleeping around? It seemed to me that was what happened but instead of opening my mouth and speaking out of turn I let her continue with her little story

“I got drunk I admit to that but I wasn’t so black out drunk that I wasn’t unaware of my surroundings my head was just a little bit heavy and foggy but I still knew what people were saying to me granted my reaction time was a little slow” Melanie explains to me her voice seemed to be weighed down by memories of the night “This boy came to me being all sweet and nice and he seemed to generally care about my parents finding out that I was drunk and he told me he’d take me out so my parents wouldn’t find out”

“I guess I didn’t want to go but he dragged me out of the room before I could say anything against it I was so naïve I just thought he was going to take me to one of the guest rooms and tuck me in only when my knickers ripped and I saw him looming over me as he pulsed his fingers and penis inside of me only then did I realise how wrong I was” Melanie explains her voice going back to cold and barely below a tiny whisper as she reaches the end of her story

Only then did I realise that nobody could make up the story off rape and not have a reaction to it like Melanie Philips did her reaction to the story was almost raw and fresh as if it happened yesterday and not nearly three months ago

“When I woke up in the morning he was gone of course and my parents didn’t wonder what I was up to they were only disappointed because I had disappeared half way through the party and couldn’t greet there high end guests of course who were going to practically fund the project so my parents barely even had to lift a bloody finger” Melanie spat venom lacing her tone as she spoke about the anger she held against her parents and I think it was the first time I had ever heard Melanie Philips swear to be honest I had always thought she was a prissy little perfect princess

But now I was seeing maybe that wasn’t as true as I once thought

I didn’t know what I was doing but I knew that I needed to calm her down so I took her in my arms and pulled her into a hug it was stiff at first but she soon relaxed into it like she had done all those weeks ago when I lent her my jacket she says she was going to Lacy Gregory’s house her best friend since they were only little girls and I didn’t question it then but maybe I should have had

Especially if I knew she was pregnant

When the sobs subsided to occasional hiccups I found myself not quite willing to leave the girl just yet and somehow I found myself offering to walk her beck to the crappy motel

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