Rich Girls Can Lie

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20 | the truth comes hard



It seemed much like a storm I hardly ever had a calm thought and on the rare occasion that I did they would constantly turn to a raging storm over time and thats why I turned to substances alcohol or drugs it didn’t really matter as long as it dulled the pain that I felt

And that was how I always got myself into trouble

Because it seemed that I was always looking for something to supress the raging thoughts that rattled around my head on a near daily basis and when I finally found something that worked for me like pot or coke I wanted more and more as it was the only thing that was capable of keeping my thoughts together

So I took more and more without thinking of what the consequence could be

Now I was staring the consequences in the face

I needed to get money that I owed Hunter for three years of backlogged drug supply and I needed to get it within five days now because if I didn’t I hated to see what would happen to me, he’s already tried to kill me once would he succeed this time if I gave him a reason?

As I lean against the grotty wall of my current rented room, I fiddle with a joint of weed and a bong and with expert practise I roll the joint into the bong before putting it to my lips and took a long needed drag from the bong

I puff out the weed that came in a cloud of smoke as I took a longer drag from the bong than I expected me to and even though this was my first time smoking in a few days I could already feel myself growing light headed and a little woozy as I was on my way to becoming baked

But I didn’t stop there although reasoning was telling me it was the logically thing to do but I couldnt because with every puff of weed from the bong I became slightly more baked but at the same time thinking became easier and a less stressful task

With one last drag I decided to put the bong down, my thoughts were now becoming hazy and I didn’t want to be caught by the cops for having weed and any other illegal drug in my pocket because then that would be bad for how people did business around my parts of this town and then I would be truly fucked

Truly and utterly fucked up

It wasn’t just Hunter that relied on customers like me who needed a quick fix and an escape from reality it was pretty much everyone I knew that liked to prey on people like me and with Hunter as my dealer let’s just say I got off pretty lightly because if you think Hunter is bad then everyone else is a nightmare in a disguise of flirty smiles and hundreds of tattoo’s that littered the body

I had tattoo’s too that went up my arm like a permeant sleeve and that dipped into my neck. Making me wonder whether that was part of why my parents hated me so much, I had only been fifteen when I got my first tattoo, Callen Hunter and I had all managed to get fake I.D and because we went to one of those sleazy tattoo palaces nobody questioned how young we looked and just like with drugs and alcohol I got hooked onto tattoo’s wanting more and more until I looked like I was the bad guy in one of those movies who steals the sweet girl’s virginity and shoot’s the jealous raging boyfriend

My parents were beyond furious when they learned I was getting tattoos when I wasn’t of age, my mother had actually fainted and my father shouted at me until he was blue in the face and so the wedge between parents and son had been created

The wedge only grew bigger when my father found out about my drug habit’s by snooping in my room one day when I was at school because he though my room smelled funny, he was even more furious than when he found out about the tattoo’s and even threated to kick me out of the house I said it was a one time thing and that all the boys my age were doing it and I didn’t like it anyway and then I promised to get rid of the bag that he found, him thinking it was the only one flushed it down the toilet

Obviously I had lied because I still smoke it

But my dad never looked at my the same way and I had the suspicion that he told his wife Abbey but she never seemed upset and never looked at me any differently like my dad had done so I could never be sure but from then on I had to be super careful of when and where I smoked not wanting to get caught by my dad again because then he would without a doubt tell my mother and probably call the police on me too if my mom hadn’t done it before him

It seemed to be going well for a while, my dad and I seemed to have a silent understanding that we would just ignore each other and not talk to each other or get in the others way unless it was a necessary action and I just seemed to stick to myself occasionally talking to Jessica or my mother and they seemed to respect that

Or at least I thought as much or I wouldn’t be here

But thinking of family, I did miss Jessica an awful lot it seemed that she was the only one in the family that got me so with a defeated sigh I fish my phone out of my pocket and scroll through he contacts I land on the one that I want and finally with a few rings the other person picks up


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