Rich Girls Can Lie

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21 | a ghost of a familiar face

I HAD PLANNED TO STAY IN ALBANY FOR A COUPLE MORE DAYS, since it was the long weekend I had no school to worry about and had no camera’s following me around every minute of every day it was a more than welcome break -- at least until I have to go to school on Tuesday

As I walk past the small park that I used to play in as a kid, I notice a few kids playing tag by the climbing structure and the mothers watching them closely from the safety of a park bench under the shade of a tree while chatting with another mother nearby

I notice one thing they all looked to be at least in their mid twenties to about mid thirties

Anxiety closed around my chest like a vice and for a minute I felt like I couldn’t breath as it tightened, how did people expect me to be a mother? Or maybe they didn’t because they knew the same thing as me, I had lived a very privileged life up until now and I had always something to support me, my parents may have not care about me when I was living in their mansion with them but at least I had the hush money that they gave me and I had Arielle, my maid and Lacy and to some extent I also had Savannah because I believed that whatever I got up to whatever trouble I got into I would always have her looking out for me from her throne in heaven

But now I didn’t have Arielle or the comfort of money because it had all been taken away from me because I found out a few weeks ago that my parents had cut off most of my credit cards and had cut me out of their will so I didn’t get a cent of their billion dollar companies and charities they had of course called me to tell me all of this and they hadn’t called me since or bothered to check up on me and see how I was it was just my fathers cold voice informing that because of my “Life choices” I couldn’t be in their will anymore

I had tried to explain to him that I didn’t chose to be raped

But as far as Ellis is concerned I am just a ghost of a familiar face

Lacy said that she’d always be their for me, even if nobody else in the world would be and I was grateful for that I really truly was but over the past couple of days things have gotten harder for the poor girl, she comes into school black circles ringing her eyes and she complains to mw about Gregory that bastard who had started to get more physically with us when he is in one of his drunken stupors and a few nights ago actually hit her across the cheek with a broken beer bottle leaving her to come into school with a nasty deep looking cash running across her cheek as dried up blood dripped down her cheek

I really didn’t want to be a burden to Lacy when she already had so much on her plate so I packed my bags and went to see the only other person I know that will be there for me no-matter what and that person was my little sister

Shrill laughter fills my ears making the vice around my chest loosen a little, it may have no been the most ideal situation to be in like who asks to be raped and have a kid because of it, on top of that be the most richest princess in all of fair New York and basically go from riches to rags after your parents kick you out?

The answer is nobody

But I guess that made me even more determined to give this child the life she or he deserved and give them all the love in the world, the kind of love my parents couldn’t give me

I stay still for another moment or two watching as the kids ran about screaming at each other and laughing until one of them falls over her dark brown hair falling over her face as her laughter turned to cries and eventually sobs and I watched as one of the mothers from the dark hair that looked straightened and the same dark eyes I gathered that that women was the girls mother and watched as the women shushed the girls sobs to the occasional whimper and sat her on her knee and ran her hands over the small graze that seemed to be bleeding quite a lot and with practised swiftness cleaned the cut of blood and grime

I didn’t know what mother I was going to be but I could aspire to be that type of mother

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