Rich Girls Can Lie

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22 | phone talks



I unfreeze after another moment, my senses all coming back to me as I stand in the crappy motel and here the tired and weary voice of my sister through the speaker on the phone. It sounded as if she hadn’t slept in days and guilt constricted around my chest like a vice, squeezing until I could hardly breathe anymore

“Jessie, hi” I breathe trying to relieve a little bit of guilt

“Why are you calling?” She asked and she didn’t sound sad but she didn’t seem happy about me calling either it was like her voice lacked emotion, so it was hard to tell what the younger teen was thinking. Again, I sigh a breath and pinch the end of my nose in an attempt to calm myself before I say the wrong thing in rash anger and regret it when it would be too late

“I’m, umm just calling to check up on things?” I say in a pathetic attempt at talking to my sister after a month of not being in touch with anyone from my family. It wasn’t like I wanted to be in touch with my parents anyway maybe I was still reeling in anger towards them -- anger at myself which was misdirected towards them (I realize that now) but I am too damn proud to admit when I was wrong

“Calling to check up on things?” Jessica laughs without humor and I can imagine she was throwing her head back as she did so. It was just her laughing for a few minutes before her laughter was cut short and replaced by a stern tone that seemed foreign on my little sister “You really are a bullshit liar Elliot, if you wanted to check up on me you would have done that weeks ago”

“Now that’s not fair Jessie, mom and dad were way out of line--” I try to reason

She cuts me off her words loud and echoing in my ears “No, they said the truth to each other and you know that they may have said it harsher than it needed to be said, but it was still the truth and you knew that El, you were just in a pissy mood for a reason I don’t know and don’t care and now you are paying the price”

I am astounded by my little sister calling me out on my bullshit, she is the only person who will call it to my face and not be afraid to do so because ever since last year it feels like everyone I knew was tiptoeing on glass around me, scared that whatever they did or said to me would cause a reaction from me, even my parents were apprehensive to bring up certain ‘topics’ of conversation if the were in the same room as me

That is all except Jessica and Hunter

But currently Hunter is in for my blood, so he doesn’t count

“Look, Jessica, I did not ask for a lecture” I snap coldly “Let’s save that for our lovely parents”

“Then what did you call to talk about?” She counted just as coldly, venom lacing her normal sweet as sugar tone “Because so far you haven’t told me why you did call, you’ve been bouncing around, avoiding the conversation”

“I don’t know” I exclaim harshly and it was the truth, I didn’t know why I was calling but I knew I needed someone to talk to that would give me an honest and straight up answer and not like to spare my feelings like my parents used to do at the beginning of the year that was until they grew bored with babysitting me and lying, talking the truth in hushed whispers only to each other until that night when I stormed out of the house in a jealous rage

“Then I guess we have nothing to talk about,” She said simply and I knew that if I didn’t say anything, she would end the call but I didn’t know what to say so when the automated lady said I was no longer connected to the person on the other line I wasn’t really all that surprised

I knew I had been a shitty brother for the last few years, in fact, I had been a pretty shitty person in general to those who were around me. I remember when Jessie was little I had wanted to protect her from all the bastards she would meet in life, turns out I became the biggest one she knew and the poor girl had to make her own way in life without guidance from her big brother all because I was smoking pot

A wave of anger rushed over me and I found myself throwing my phone across the room watching it slam against the wall before it drops to the floor face down and only then did I realize how stupid I had been “SHIT!” I roar angrily as I went across the mossy and slightly creaking floorboards to go and retrieve my phone

I picked it up and immediately my heart sank, there was a huge crack snaking its way from the top of the screen from the bottom and there was little pieces of glass shards sticking up and jagged all over the place and I pricked my finger on the shards as I went to turn the phone on

“Shit” I murmured again but was surprised when my phone went from a black screen to my lock screen after a few minutes of me waiting. I was sure my phone was dead and had gone to phone heaven but glad it wasn’t because I was as broke as shit and couldn’t afford to buy a new one even if I didn’t have to fork over every cent I have ever owned to the bastard Hunter and his dick mates

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