Rich Girls Can Lie

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23 | finding hope


MONDAY ROLLED AROUND FASTER THAN I COULD EVEN BLINK, and I found myself having to take the trip back from the quiet town of Albany to the city, and even though I didn’t want to it was something I would have to do

Placing my clothes in my suitcase, I gaze around the room to make sure I had everything I spot my iPhone on the nightstand next to the double bed and sigh before leaning over my suitcase and reaching to pick it up

As soon as I slide my phone into my pocket, I hear a faint knock on the door, hesitantly I walk over to the door of the small cottage I rented for a weekend with the small amount of cash I had left on the one debit cards Ellis hadn’t frozen but I needed to be careful when I got back to the city as I don’t have much money left and I still need to live

I pull open the door and my mouth drops at the women standing on the smooth stone steps, her auburn hair is pulled into a perfect bun and her big brown eyes are sparkling in the amber sunlight making her face even more beautiful

“Hope!” I say after a minute before pulling into a long overdue hug “What are you doing here?”

“I heard you were back in town” She smirks after pulling back from the hug

“I had to visit my sister,” I said stepping aside to let her in and Hope smiles before stepping in and I led her into the open plan living room and inviting her to take a seat on the plush leather sofas which she greatly accepted with a small smile

“I understand, times must be hard,” Hope says softly leaving me to nod my head, she must’ve heard what happened to me because it has been all over the news recently, and I know she knows that I am pregnant

“Yep but I’m managing” I force a grin

“There’s a difference between managing and having a life of your own” Hope says with a grim expression and I know what she means but it was hard to have my own life the second I got raped and then six months later I found out I was pregnant

“I know but I don’t know want to do, I’m literally just surviving ever since my parents kicked me out and I luckily had enough money saved up in my debit card the only card that my parents had no control over so they couldn’t freeze it but I’m running out of money fast -- so yes I don’t really have my own life right now Hope and I don’t have any fucking clue what to do” by the end of my rant I am full on sobbing and I don’t know how to stop, the more I try the more I fail

But Hope wasn’t like the people I had grown up around or the people that my parents tended to have around for lavish dinner parties that reprimanded me for every little mistake I made like if I didn’t put on a smile when addressing my parents friends and she didn’t scold me for crying like a baby instead her thin arms wrap around me and she pulls me into a long motherly hug as she tries to soothe me “It’s okay, it’s okay, let it all out, it’s okay, shh you’ll be okay”

“I-I’m sorry” I hiccup

“Darling don’t be sorry, it was not your fault any of this happened and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise okay?” Hope tells me sternly and I nod weakly too exhausted from crying to form words

“Everyone at school thinks I’m a useless wreckless slut” I exclaim and then break into another round of sobs and hysterics and memories of that night flash into my mind making my hysterics even worse; the sound of my dress and knickers ripping and the sound of my pleas and cries for the man on top of me to stop and leave me alone when my sobs die down to the occasional hiccup I continue “Even though they don’t know what the hell happened”

“In a few weeks, this will all die down and your pregnancy will be old news” She smiles and her voice is so full of confidence that I almost wanted to believe her but I wasn’t so sure I could believe her because she didn’t know what it was like to be raped and pregnant at seventeen and she didn’t know what kind of things people were saying to me -- although she probably does because most of them are on the newspaper headlines

“I guess you’re right” I find myself lying

“Good, you’ll get through this you know, you’re strong you’ll find a way” She smiles tight-lipped leaving me to give a small one in return

“I sure hope you’re right Hope” I tell her with a sigh

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