Rich Girls Can Lie

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24 | miss lollipops and rainbows


THE DAY THAT I HAVE GOT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL CREEPS UP ON ME LIKE A FUCKING SHADOW and all I want to do is crawl deeper under the covers and shy away from the horrible world but I know that I if I skip another day of school then my mother is going to be pissed, that I actually think that she will come and find me and drag my sorry ass home

After the argument with my sister yesterday, I had tried to call back so many times to apologize but every single one of my phone calls were declined and eventually, it looked like Jessica got fed up and told mom and dad and the next time I called, my father picked up and lets just say the phone call didn’t go down well as we both ended up cussing out the other one for like ten minutes before he got so angry at me I thought he would track me down and smack me senseless, I could hear my mother begging my father to be calm and rational but of course, he wasn’t he never is

I rolled out of my almost naked body hitting the floor with a large thud making me curse in pain “FUCK!” I yell banging my fist on the floor repeatedly making pain now surge through my fist now making me cuss very loud again

I finally get up and the pain slightly subsides but there was a loud rapping on the door and I quietly groaned as I could already tell it wasn’t going to be a good day because of how it started, so why the hell was I so propelled to open up the dented door to my boxy sized room?

When I opened it up though I had the strong urge to slam the door shut again because standing in the dimly lit hallway of the motel was none other than Miss Lollipops and Rainbows she had a bright smile on her face and her small but noticeable baby bump was stretching out the oversized, grey jumper that she was wearing

“Are you alright? I heard banging coming from my room across the hall” She explains

“Why do you care?” I snap, today I was in no mood to deal with the darling of New York it’s like she believed if she put on a smile for long enough people would believe that her life was all sunshine and had no dark clouds in sight and for years she pulled the wool over so many people’s eyes hiding the truth of her pain behind warm smiles and kind waves, she tricked us all, she tricked me and I don’t know which one is more annoying, the fact that I didn’t see behind her Rich Girl facade or the fact that she successfully lied to so many people and admiring fans and they didn’t have the slightest clue what was going on with her life even if they did follow her every move like a lost puppy

Her bright smile instantly dropped the second those words rolled off my tongue making her face look more tired and weary like she hadn’t slept in days “I don’t know why care!” She coolly replies and she begins raising her voice a little “I shouldn’t care right? I don’t even know your damn name”

“No, you shouldn’t care” I retort and it was the truth everyone who cares about me ends up getting hurt in one way or another “and I don’t know why you do, we don’t know each other, all that has happened between us is mere coincidence nothing more we bumped into each other one or twice that doesn’t suddenly make us best friends for life we should go our separate ways”

“But you helped me” She mummers quietly and I don’t think I was supposed to hear it so I don’t comment for now “that night when nobody else would, I thought there was something different in you but I guess your just like all the other posh snobs that I know only with less fashion sense”

I can’t help but laugh and soon I find myself laughing hysterically and she looks up at me eyes wide in surprise and to be honest I’m even surprising myself “Your right about one thing I don’t wake up in the morning and dress like a life-sized fucking Ken doll just to impress someone but I am different just give me...give me a chance to prove myself”

I can practically feel the information being soaked into her brain as she absorbs the new information and whether or not she meant for it to happen a small smile crept onto her face as she looks downwards at the floor

After a minute of awkward silence Melanie clears her throat “Well if I’m going to give you a chance, I will need to know your name” She states finality thick in her voice like there was no room to argue and this time I didn’t

“Elliot” I reply with a smirk “Elliot Walker”

“Well, Elliot, are you doing anything today?” She asks emphasizing my name

I shake my head “I don’t really want to go to school, so what were you thinking?”

She doesn’t look surprised I guessed she knew before -- or at least guessed that I was the bad boy type but her talking to me now proved that she didn’t really mind --“Well before I go into school today I have an appointment with the doctor about my pregnancy and it’s my first one and Lacy can’t come as she is dealing with her own issues and I don’t want to be an added burden to her so would you tag along?” She asked hope filling her like a balloon

I don’t know why but I find myself nodding

“That’s great then we’ll leave as soon as your dressed” She points out and only now do I remember that I was still in my white boxer briefs and I was having a casual conversation with the most talked about young woman in New York while in them...


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