Rich Girls Can Lie

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25 | hospital freak outs


MY NERVES BUBBLED AND BOILED INSIDE OF ME AS I WALKED THROUGH THE DOOR OF THE CLINIC, my fingers were tightly wrapped around Elliot’s wrist in a vice-like manner and I was sure I was close to cutting off the blood supply to the poor boy’s arm but he didn’t complain or yank his hand free like I had expected the rude tattooed boy to do but instead he let me grip onto him as if I was stranded at sea and he was my lifeline because I would bet money that he knew I was anything but comfortable

Elliot seemed to notice how bad my nerves were getting with each step I took because he gently freed himself from my grasp and instead intertwined our hands and gave my hand a little squeeze “It’ll be alright Melanie. You are not going to die” He said bluntly

“Then why do I feel like it?” I whisper back and even though the clinic was mostly empty I still felt like people were giving me strange looks. Everyone in the state of New York probably knew I was pregnant by now even if they did believe the lies in the tabloids

Suddenly I could feel my head being turned to the side and I glanced up slightly to see Elliot touching the side of my face as lightly as he could and I looked into his eyes and they were swimming with different emotions to decipher which one was the most prominent one in his eyes but his green eyes looked like a storm “Don’t worry about those people looking at you right now, they are all shitheads you know the truth and that’s all that you should care about. Nobody’s opinion should matter at this point”

He said it with so much confidence that I almost believed the guy but I knew he felt it too, the looks that I was getting just because I was another teen pregnant in the country of thousands and you don’t see their names flashing up in a news report anytime another teen forgets to use protection while on a wild night with their boyfriend but the thing was I wasn’t just another teen with my parents reputation I was known as the Rich Girl, the teen that could get everything she wanted in life and I was a well know one at that and because my parents didn’t want me ruining the perfect little image that they have built for themselves while burying the truth deep within them

My eyes start to cloud over at the thought of Savannah I wish she was here she’d know how to handle everything to do with our parents right now but she’s not and surprisingly I don’t find myself crying

I don’t know how long I had been blankly staring at the walls scoffing almost silently at the contraception posters that hung around the dreary clinic but finally my name was called after what felt like forever and I know the tattoed boy next to me could also feel the tension as he was uncomfortably shifting in his chair muttering things under his breath and glaring at anyone who even slightly looked in my direction, so much so that they quickly backed down and looked away

“Melanie Philips” A woman probably in her late twenties or early thirties with silvery glasses and long black hair called out my name after looking up from her clipboard, she smiled when she saw me and it lessened my nerves a bit maybe everyone didn’t think bad of me?

I stood to my feet and started to walk over to the kind face that had called my name and I hoped Elliot was following me, however, I noticed that the boy was still looking rather uncomfortable and he had been looking like that since he had arrived at the shop

I took a few steps back so I was next to him and whispered: “What’s wrong Elliot?”

“Nothing” He answered unsteadily “I’m just not a big fan of medical things”

He didn’t have to explain to me, I could see the pain written on his face he definitely had had some bad experiences with hospitals but he didn’t have to explain to me, in fact, I would prefer if he didn’t because we were practically strangers who knew nothing about each other bar our names and in a way I felt like I could trust him with my life after all he has proven to me many of times how caring he could be

Even if he didn’t show it to other people

We reached a door and the women with us opened it revealing a small like box room with a hospital bed wrapped in paper towels “Lie down and get comfy I’ll be back in a minute or two with Dr Ross”

It was quiet for a moment until Elliot spoke out “Thank you.. for before”

He didn’t have to say what he meant I could already tell by the pained look in his eyes it was one look that I often had to conceal myself from my parents and the outside world so I just nod my head to show him that all was forgiven him and that it really was alright

Suddenly the door opened and in walked the women from before and following behind her was a man with cocoa skin and a bright smile on his face as soon as he saw me, he bent down and shook my hand and then shook Elliots “Is this the father?” He asked politely eyes alight with a burning curiosity

I shook my head quickly “No...He’s a friend...Supporting me as I was r-raped”

I screw my eyes shut and take deep breathes as memories from that night find a way to seep into my brain, even if I didn’t want them to, when I open my eyes I can see Elliot looking at me with concern bright within his green eyes and I could see Dr Ross frown a little before he clapped his hands together “Right lets get started mummy can you lie down?”

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