Rich Girls Can Lie

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26 | a bundle of surprises



Especially because it brought back some unpleasant memories of the last time I was in a hospital, just six months ago, after I had gone into a blind rage about something stupid and I ended up breaking several ribs as well as overdosing on some pills which landed me a stint of two months in hospital with my parents hovering over me like I was made out of glass and could break at any given moment and the nurses checking up on me every few hours not to mention the rehab that my parents took me to ‘help’ me to get rid of my suicidal thoughts

I only got out of the rehab centre a grand total of two months ago and that was when all hell broke loose and my mother went into overprotective mother mode and my father created as much distance from me as possible

Breaking out of my thoughts, my eyes slide over to Melanie, who’s eyes were screwed shut in what seemed to be a painful manner and her face contorted as if she was trying to get a memory that haunts her like a ghost out of her mind

Knowing what she was probably trying to forget I tried to show her that I was there for her, whatever she needed I was going to try and protect her to the best of my ability which wasn’t much but it was the best that I could offer in those moments. I don’t know why I was so attached to the New York Darling when I knew I was going to end up hurt her but the more I tried to stay away from her the more I felt drawn to her like she was a magnet

“Right let’s get started mummy can you lie down?” The Dr says to Melanie and she walks over to the clinical bed and sits on the bed before swinging her legs over the side and lying flat on her back with only a little jelly neck pillow to support her head

“Is it going to hurt?” She squeaks her eyes widening in fear and I silently chuckle at how innocent the girl still is and it takes me by surprise although it shouldn’t because before a couple of months ago still lived sheltered in her parents home and was part of their perfect little image of nothing is wrong with the worg

I can see the Dr trying to hide a small smile “No dear, it won’t we just put a small amount of gel on the stomach to see what we can find when we put the ultrasound on, okay I’m going to do this gel on now”

She nods and slightly grimaces when the gel is applied

Then a little stick was placed over the gel and the gel was smothered around the stomach and then for more than a few minutes the room was filled with silence all that could be heard was the quiet breathing of everyone in the room





Was heard in the room in the few following and Melanie let out a surprised squeal and quickly covers her mouth as fresh joyful tears roll down her cheeks and I don’t have a clue what she must be feeling right now but I was feeling happy for her, even though it barely had anything to do with me because like she said I was just there for support because Lacy Gregory couldn’t be here for her so I was the next best option but being in the room at that minute hearing the heartbeat in the room

“The heartbeats are strong” Dr Ross hummed

It took me a few minutes for the pieces to click in my brain and it took a little longer for the pieces to click together in Melanie’s head and I could practically hear the gears turning in her head as she slotted the jigsaw piece but when they did she let out a startled cry and her hand closed over her mouth tighter until she took a shaky breath and stammered”W-what?”

“Miss Philips it appears you are having twins” Dr Ross smiled seemingly oblivious to the scene in front of him. Melanie shrieked again and new tears rolled down her cheeks but now I could assume they weren’t all that joyful so to stop her from any kind of further nervous breakdown I arose from the plastic seat and made my way over to her encasing her in a strong embrace as I allowed her to cry on my shoulder

Dr Ross finally got the message that this wasn’t the joyous occasion he’d hope Melanie was having and awkwardly left the room with the raven-haired girl in tow and she shut the door over giving us some sort of privacy and as soon as the door closed the blonde headed girl let out a sob on my shoulder as I awkwardly patted the girls back

“Shh” I coaxed her but it didn’t do much

For ten minutes she cried into my arms and it was rather a strange feeling but finally, Melanie sobered up enough to get words out even if it was just a couple of sentences “What am I going to do El? I thought it was bad enough having one mouth to feed but now I have two, I haven’t got the money...”

It was such a foreign feeling someone asking me for help when usually those who know me advoid me like they would the plague especially someone who was asking me for advice who I was certain had her life together and I didn’t know what kind of answer she would expect so I had no answer to give the suffering girl, I had never go through something like this

I shook my head and said “I don’t know Mel”

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