Rich Girls Can Lie

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28 | building blocks


I KNEW SHE WAS LYING BUT I DIDN’T PUSH IT, that girl had gone through enough to last her a lifetime and I didn’t want to pile any more pressure onto her shoulders because she didn’t need it so I nodded my head trying to ignore her blatant lie.

“So can I hang around here a bit and see what the wild golden girl of New York gets up to when there are no camera’s flashing in her face?” I tease her slightly letting a half smirk fall on to my face, I did want to stay with her and hang out for a bit and hopefully get to know a little bit more about the girl that she kept hidden behind a mask of kindness and warm smiles, there was more to her story and I wanted to find out what it was

She looked almost bored with her reply “I’m just a normal teenager when the cameras aren’t around to catch my every other move, I like to get comfortable and binge watch shows on Netflix most of the time if I’m not doing that I’m going to school or doing homework or reading”

I laugh and it was deep and rumbling bouncing off the peeling walls in the tiny room “C’mon there has to be more behind the great Melanie Philips than reading and doing homework” I almost taunt her jutting a finger out in her direction and for a moment a coldness appears behind her eyes almost like she’s being guarded about her past, a trait that she must have picked up from her parents, but when I look at her again the coldness in her blue eyes is gone and it’s replaced by a different emotion

“I do horseback riding” the blonde girl admitted quietly

“That sounds cool” I muse “I have always wanted to try it but literally have like zero balance so I doubt I would even be able to stay on the horse long enough to tell it to giddy up” I confess with a shrug of my shoulders and I can see the slight laughter building in her pale blue eyes

“I bet I can teach you sometime, but I doubt someone would actually let me on a horse considering I’m carrying extra special cargo” The offer caught me off guard but it was a great way to build her trust and get closer to her if I was going to ‘borrow’ some money from her and I could see the pain behind her eyes when she said the thing about carrying cargo and I don’t blame her, in fact, I almost felt sympathy for the youngest Philip if I didn’t know myself how cruel the world could be myself from past occasions

“That would be awesome, thank you,” I said with a genuine tone

“Yeah, it was the least I could do, you helped me a great deal today and now I’m going to help you with whatever you want from me within reason of course,” She says quivering in the middle when she realises what that must have sounded like aloud. I may have been bad and I may still be lacking in the building relationships not just romantically but in general and I may have made some wrong decision’s in the past but I’m nothing like that disgusting creature that raped her at her family ball and if I was going to gain her trust I needed to reassure her of this fact.

“I know you’ve only met me a couple of times and have no reason whatsoever to trust me as you do but just know that I would never even dare to take advantage of you sexually as someone did all those weeks ago” I say trying to be strong in my words but soft enough in my tone that she would know that I was being genuine

“I know you wouldn’t and I trust you the most right now besides Lacy but it still worries me that eventually someone will come along and use me and I can’t let that happen” the blonde haired Melanie Philips huffed “I can’t El I need to support the babies to the best of my abilities and I don’t want anyone who is going to use me for my money, sex or connections to stand in my way”

Guilt crushed my chest like a heavy anchor and for a few minutes I found it very hard to breathe as she just said that she trusted me but she didn’t want anyone who was going to use her for money to stand in the way of her raising her children which was the most ironic thing that I’ve ever heard because the person that she trusted the most was going to be the person that also hurt her the most I presume if we carry on like this

So to ease my mind and my guilt I change the topic “You thinking about keeping them?” I ask with a raised brow

“I think so, I can’t abort them, not now I know there’s two of them and I admit when I first found out I was pregnant abortion was the first thing that sprang to my mind along with how upset I would have felt if I wasn’t pregnant after thinking for so many weeks that I was” Melanie confessed quietly sitting up on the bed as she locked eyes with me

“Well you do you I guess and if you need anything I’m around and you have my number,” I tell the girl before I decide to make my exit, I didn’t want to accidentally blurt something out that I would kick myself later for, that and I couldn’t take the guilt much longer

Trust is like building blocks build up carefully but move the bottom one away and I’m sorry but if that ever happened I’m fucked

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