Rich Girls Can Lie

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29 | river of tears


I DIDN’T EXPECT TO HEAR FROM MY MOM AND DAD EVER SINCE THEY HAD KICKED ME OUT because they believed having a daughter who cried rape when she found out she was knocked up with some rando’s child would ruin their oh so precious image.

But apparently, I was wrong

Because I got a call on my iPhone not long after Elliot had left me and imagine my surprise when I get a call from my parents after months of them not being in contact with me and basically pushing me out of there family dynamic of cold smiles and bleached hair

I answered straight away, of course, I did they were parents and I would always have that tie to them no matter how much they tried to cut it and distance themselves from me. I would always and forever be tied to them no matter what they had done to me and there was no way of me escaping these invisible ties to my parents as much as I may want to at times and besides I thought that they were changing their minds slowly coming to terms with everything just as I was

Boy, was I wrong for the second time in the space of three minutes

“Have you had an abortion yet?” My mother screeches down the phone, no greeting and no how are you just straight up asking if I had aborted my child. It caught me so off guard I almost choked on air

“W-what?” I stutter, my cheeks going bright red I couldn’t believe what she was asking me about the abortion. My mind was spinning at a hundred and fifty miles per hour and it was hard to focus and I felt lightheaded and dizzy and I almost missed my mothers next words

“Don’t be stupid girl, you heard what I said” My mother hissed

“I’m just shocked that you’d ask me that question” I shot back, fire building in my veins

“What are you on about girl, you wanted to have an abortion!” My mother shouts through the phone so loud that I had to pull the phone away from my ear and the things spilling from her mouth somehow still baffles me and I was speechless I really didn’t know what to say to her, how low could she get?

“N-No mother I never said that to you and I don’t want to end two lives so whatever plan you have come up with in your mind to stop my pregancy it really isn’t going to work I’ll tell you that mom” I tell her a new found confidence brimming in my veins but that confidence was short lived and it dwindled into nothing because of what my mother said next

“T-Two?” My mother shriked disbelief colouring her tone

“Yes mom I’m having twins” I tell her trying to build up the wall of confidence that my mom had buldozed down in a couple of seconds but I was struggling it was like I was thrown into the sea and told to swim even if I couldn’t keep my head above the water

“All the more reason to have an abortion!” My mom yells and the last of my resolve crumbles and I can feel myself drowning in the crashing waves of my self resolve and all I could do was cry I wish I was stronger than that but I really wasn’t

Convulsive jolts shake my body as I lamely sob on the phone to my mother and little by little the new me that I found within me from the month of living virtually on my own wash away in the storm of tears that pooled out of my eyes

My mother wasn’t helping the situation either in fact she was making it ten times worse calling me out for being pathetic and a stupid little girl whose letting her emotions get in the way, when all I needed was for someone to tell me it was going to be okay and everything was going to be okay in the future

Nobody could tell me that though and that was what scared me

Eventually my mom got sick and tired of me and hung up, my phone fell limp at my side as sobs still racked through my body, my eyes were red and bloodshot and stung from all the cry and stress I had endured over the last ten minutes or so

I don’t know when and I don’t how but I eventually fall to sleep

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