Rich Girls Can Lie

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30 | a hail of blows


MY HEAD WAS FORCED TO THE SIDE AS ANOTHER PUNCH WAS DELIEVERED ON MY FACE, and I groan as a new stream of red liquid pours out my newly broken nose but the sight of blood did nothing to stop the blows hailing down on my face, it seemed the blood only added fuel to the fire

After another half a dozen blows all over my body, I had collapsed onto my knees and was wheezing in pain as I tried to get air into my lungs but my attempts to do so was failing as another swift uppercut was delivered to my gut making me choke on the air I was trying to force into my lungs

“Okay boys, that’s enough he’s had his warning” A voice sneers close to my ear relieving from the torment that I found myself subjected to, I should have known it was only going to last a short period of time because I was quickly let go of by the people that were holding me up, making me drop to the dirty concrete floor of a back alley and I felt tears brimming in my eyes but I wouldn’t -- and couldn’t -- let them fall because I knew that would get me in even more shite

“Thank you” I gasp out slowly getting air back in my lungs

“Don’t thank me yet Elietta” Hunter mocked, his voice cold and stoic and laced with enough venom to make my nerve endings freeze. He bent down low enough so he was eye level with me while I was still on the floor “If you don’t get the rest of the money that you owe us for your little supply of drugs I can promise you that next time this will end a lot worse and you will probably end up with a bullet lodged into your skull” He then winks and smiles a cruel smirk before standing up and leaving me all alone as his cronies scurried off behind me

Wiping the blood from my mouth and nose I lie there in the dirt and grime and cry I knew it was pathetic and I also knew I was acting like a pussy but I couldn’t help it. My pain levels were high because I have endured this kind of thing before but never like this it felt like my skin was burning and I felt really lightheaded (probably from the loss of blood) but I couldn’t do anything to help myself I could just cry

I heard footsteps approach the alleyway and I sniff as I attempted to sit up on my own but as I was to weak from the punches and the blows that I got half way up and fell back down again scraping the side of my face

I heard a gasp fall from lips as the light footsteps turned into heavy footsteps as the person seemed to run towards me “Elliot, Elliot, can you hear me?” A familiar voice says but it was muffled as if she was a far distance away and not crouching in front of me checking for any signs of a pulse

Then as the world around me blackened I passed out

I woke up to a constant beeping sound and I felt the need to put my hands over my ears but found myself unable to do so from the pain that was shooting up my arm and I nearly screamed out in pain but found out I couldn’t as I almost choked on air

My eyes flew open just after I had choked on the air and it took me a few minutes to realise I was in hospital and tubes were sticking out of me and attached to me I had a breathing tube and my right leg was in a cast and so was my left wrist

Panic bubbled in my chest as it actually clicked in my foggy head that I was actually in the hospital, why was I in the hospital and why were my limbs in a cast? The last thing I remembered was getting my ass handed to me by Hunter

“Elliot I need you to calm down, I found you in a back alley and I bought you to the hospital because you were losing a lot of blood” A familiar voice rings in my ear and I turn my head to the side as much as my pain tolerance would allow and I see a blonde headed girl that looked like an angel and her blue eyes shone with concern and my heart almost broke with the concern she showed me

But then I remembered about what Hunter did to me and the panic that I felt earlier and it made my chest ache and burn and I really didn’t want her to get mixed up in this so I felt like the only option was to push her away because if Hunter knew I was stealing money off of the richest girl in New York he could easily use it to his advantages

“So you bought me to a hospital?!” I yell “I fucking hate hospitals?”

Melanie looked completely taken off guard by my harsh words as I am never really harsh towards her as her eyes go wide and the poor girl look liked she was about to cry but before she could the door opened revealing two officers in uniform both female and the slightly taller one approached my bed

“Mr Walker we would like to talk to you about your attack earlier on tonight” She informs me and the panic inside my chest feels like its going to explode but I nodded anyway “A security camera from a shop across the street from where you attacked showed three white men dressed in black hoodies attacking you now I need you to identify them for me”

I knew what she was asking of me and a part of me didn’t want to but another much bigger part of me wanted to because maybe if I did it I would actually feel relieved for once in my life so I spoke the names of my former friends with confidence “The ones holding me are Logan Allen and Westley Harris and the one that was doing the most damage to me was Hunter Walsh”

“Thank you, Mr Walker, we will look into this and in the meantime, we hope your recovery goes well,” The officer says with a tight smile before she and the other officer leaves me alone with an upset Melanie Philips

What was I going to do to make things right between us?

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