Rich Girls Can Lie

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32 | a dark place


MY RELIEF THAT HUNTER WAS GONE WAS SHORT LIVED AND IT ONLY LASTED FOR THE TIME THAT I WAS STUCK IN THAT CRAPPY HOSPITAL. For after Melanie left I felt guilt anchor its way onto my chest but it was eased with the knowledge that I no longer had any ties with her so they couldn’t use her as a scapegoat to lure me out and stuff me into a trap, but the guilt was still there all the same although it had been eased by my own conscious

When I was released from hospital most of the swelling had gone down but I still had a few scratches littering my face and body which I knew would probably turn into scars knowing my luck and my luck seemed to get even worse because Trevon texted me and not so nicely told me to fuck off and pay up what I still owed Hunter Walk because he would be taking over Hunter’s stash of product until Hunter got out from jail in 3 years times his cronies only got a suspended 1 year sentence (meaning that they would still be kicking around and still dealing probably) but I knew they wouldn’t try shit with me if Hunter wasn’t there because they were nothing more than Hunt’s bitches

So there was some light that had been shed in the dark place

But that didn’t outweigh the fear I felt in my veins for Trevon Winchester he was even more of a bastard than Hunter was and if you think Hunter was bad showing up in my room and threatening to lodge a bullet into my skull then Trevon wouldn’t bat an eye before shooting me in between the eyes and it was all because of what happened between his baby sister Violet and me

Violet was a year below us in school, she was a dark-skinned bubbly girl who liked to party and was often the life and soul of one which often meant that the girl was in mine, Hunter’s and Trevon’s company and hanging around us doing the things that we were doing and I guess that over time I grew closer to Violet and I started what do they call it? Liking her and we started fooling around and I was not going to lie Violet was very easy on the eyes with her dark curly hair that frames the liquid chocolate skin on her face and big dark eyes that were doe like so when she said she wanted to get away from the shittiness of her life I just laughed it off

That was until she OD’ on crack and sleeping pills

I didn’t know she was going to do it as she had never mentioned suicide before that night and we were pretty stoned and drunk so I thought she was just messing until I got the call at 5:30 in the morning telling me that Violet was found unconscious in her bed with a bottle of sleeping pills in her fisted hand and she wasn’t responding when Trevon tried to wake her

She left no note just five little words that I will forever carry on my heart like a bloodied handprint: Elliot I don’t blame you was what was written in her neat joined up cursive writing with ink spoledges on the note from where the tears had spilled onto the paper, it was taped to the side of her nightstand and ever since that day -- ever since that note -- I have been carrying around me the guilt that something will happen to those who mean the most to me so I push them away and build walls around my heart to protect myself

But it hasn’t just been me suffering since that day, no Trevon suffered to but he mostly suffered in silence (compared to me anyway) and ever since then a hatred had grown for me around his heart and now he will do just about anything and everything to make me feel an ounce of the pain he has felt over the years

And with Hunter out of the way; it was payback time according to him

Which also meant that I needed a way to get the rest of the money I owed Hunter and I needed to do it fast -- very fast -- if I wanted to avoid my brain matter decorating the walls of the motel when Trev decides he has finally had enough of me

And that meant that I needed to talk to Melanie and be honest with her and see if she would still be kind enough to loan out the money to me. But after the scene I caused at the hospital I wouldn’t be surprised if she never wanted to see my face again

Shit. I have my work cut out for me

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