Rich Girls Can Lie

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33 | oh baby, please forgive me


MY MESSY BLONDE HAIR AND PALE BLUE EYES LOOKED BACK AT ME, as I glanced in the mirror that I had hung up in my new apartment that I had bought a week ago and had only just finished moving everything in and it took me a few weeks to box everything up even with Lacy helping me out when she could as I was pregnant and with each passing day I was gaining more weight and my stomach was expanding growing twice maybe even thrice times bigger than a normal women at this stage during her pregnancy (16 weeks along ish)

I turn around so I’m facing sidewards looking out towards the pale blue walls that make up my bedroom walls. My eyes quickly dart over to the mirror over my shoulder and my unbrushed hair falls over my shoulder in a messy braid

Suddenly a knock at the door caused me to break from my thoughts and turn away from the mirror as I walked to the door. My bare feet paded on the cold wooden floors as I made my way to my aparment door, the old flooring creaking under my weight. I bought the oldest and cheepest apartment I could find as it saved me a hell of a lot of money for when the twins came in five months

I open the door and very nearly slam it closed again as the person behind the door is the slightly swollen face of Elliot Walker ut something in the back on my mind is nagging me no to shut the door over because I would regret it soon enough so relucantly I move aside and after a minte or so the idiot is still gawking at me wide eyed so I hurridly gesture at him to come in

“I see you moved out the motel” He states the obvious

I roll my eyes and shut the door biting back a sarcastic response as he takes over the leather jacket that is almost simillar to the one that he gave me all the months ago and now that I think about is is tucked away in one on the boxes that I have yet to unpack

“Nice place” He finally muses having looked around the hallway and I have to bite back a grin at that one

“Please” I tell him as I walk through to the living room “It looks like the set of a creepy haunted house they use in horror movies” and it was true there was cobwebs hanging from the ceiling and the floorboards creaked with ever step. It did feel like there was someone else in the apartment at times especially at night

He laughed at that and my mind went reeling backwards. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a proper laugh come from the guy who always wheres a frown as a mask and if I was to admit it, it did have me frowning in suprise for a second

Elliot catches me in the act “Don’t frown sweetheart you’ll get wrinkles”

As he does this he pokes me forehead teasingly leaving me to smack away his hand harshly and he continues chuckling at my actions leaving my from to deepen, why was he in this humourous mood? I have never seen him like this and if I was being honest with myself it was nice in a way and I couldn’t find myself looking away from the dimples that spread across his cheeks

We settle down onto the worn out leather sofa that was already there when I purchased the place because thankfully for me the place came furbished and the only thing I had to physically buy was cultery and some throw blankets that I put over the leather sofa because I have no idea who owned this place before me

Suddenly a question pops into my head and I turn to Elliot “H-how did you find me?”

A cheeky glint lit up his brown eyes makinng them seem even bigger than usual “I may or may not have threatened the staff at reception to tell me where you were going and luckily for me one of the staff helped you move your shit to the lobby and was able to tell me where you had dissappered to” A light tone ran through his voice very different to his normal no-shits-given monotone voice but that quickly tailed away as he glanced over at a somber expression etching over the humourous one “But I didn’t come here to tell you that Philips I came here to apoligise for the way I acted in the hospital -- I’m sorry”

I almost choked on air Elliot Waker, the guy who alway frowns and doesn’t give a shit about anything or anyone was apoligising and sounding sincerine with it? The suprise was obviously written on my face as Elliot begins to chuckle again “Yes, I am saying sorry no I don’t do it often and you don’t need to look so suprised about it” He tells me

Trying to wipe -- or at least mask my surprised expression -- as another thought floated into my mind and I find myself wanting to ask him about it “Why apoligise now? A couple of days ago you were sure, you didn’t want to see me again”

Something shifts in his eyes a darker emotion as he takes a shaky breath and says “I need to tell you everything”

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