Rich Girls Can Lie

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34 | the truth is best served stone cold


I TOOK IN A DEEP SHAKY BREATH, my mind running a million miles per hour and I gaze into those pale blue pools of Melanie Philips eyes that just for a moment distract me and momenterilty forget what I’m about to say to her eventually I manage to force the words out of my mouth “I need to tell you everything”

When it comes to her emotions the great Melanie Philips is as easy to read as a book but most people get distracted by the warm smiles she paints on her made up face but I can see through the facade she has mastared because I have mastered the same facade although I hide my emotions behind a frown and a stormy expression

So I could see the worry and confussion etch across her face at my statement, her eyes grow larger in curiosity but the warm smile still remains on her pretty doll like face and I notice she hides her emotions well but she still has some cracks in her mask that let her emotion seep through it

“So tell it to me then” She says trying to sound at least somewhat confident but her voice is shaky and for the time it sounds like scared of me and that caught me off guard because one thing that I didn’t want was for Melanie to be scared of me I hated it when she sounded or looked scared because I have already royally screwed up so many relationships already and I didn’t want the one girl who might’ve had a clue as to what was going in my head to be mat at me

Even if a couple days a go I basically told her to indirectly to fuck off

I still couldn’t have her mad and I knew I had to tell her the truth, the truth that I have kept locked away in my dungeon of sadness and I was goinf to have to unlock the gates and let out all the pain and misery I have felt over the year to tell her the truth and I had to do it, for her, she derseves the truth

“In first grade I met two boys name Hunter and Trevon, we immediantly hit it off almost joined at the hip almost like white chicks as Trevon and Hunter used to joke about, we would do everything together stay at each others houses parties dates and we thought of the other one like a brother”

“That doesn’t sound so bad” Melanie says but I hold my hand up to stop her talking

“But it all changed when we were 15, we were walking home one night when these older bastards that must’ve been about 30-35 (old enough to know not to give drugs to fucking kids) approached us and handed us a bag of weed they laughed it off when we claimwd that we weren’t old enough and told us to try some, we did but then it all fell apart” I pause as I try to gage Melanie’s reaction but she was still, her mouth was slightly ajar and during the story about the older bastards giving kids drug a soft gasp had fell from her rosy painted lips

“And I just watched it happened I couldn’t stop it, we all became addicted to the drug and eventually we became addicted to other drugs and substances and that caused a rift in our frienship we were no longer doing everything together, our lively hooods cosumed by pot and crack our families noticed this as well but we thought we were clever telling them that we were just busy with school and no longer had the time to hang out. Hunter one one my best friends started selling drugs and I couldn’t afford to pay for them because my family isn’t exactly made of money and we were at the time just scraping by so me and Hunter agreed that he’d give me drugs but I’d have to pay him back at a later date -- it was cool -- for a while”

“Six months on it was time for me to pay up but my parents were still going through a rough patch so I couldn’t afford the money to pay off my ever growing list of drugs and that was when I recived the first of many beatings like the one you saw in the alleyway”I tell her and she nods stunned and too speechless

“I couldn’t pay for years and it mostly ended it the same way I always ended up getting my ass handed to me and with the promise that in a few more months I would have the money for him but eventually my black friend grew tired of these empty threats and told me if I didn’t get the money by the end week then he would kill me but I managed to push back the deadline to the end of the month and thats when I ran into you”

Her face morphs into horror as the rest of my story clicks togethe in her brain.

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