Rich Girls Can Lie

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02 | pretty little doll


I TAKE A drag of the bong that was loosely fitted between my lips before letting out a breath and inhaling again, holding the smoke for ten to fifteen seconds before letting it out again and then I decide that was enough for today as I don’t want to get green. Instead, I turn on the TV and the news pops up with a tagline Philips donate swimming equipment

Jess: We’ll be back in five minutes

My parents and sister would be coming home soon from my little sisters swim meet and they would not be happy if they knew I had been smoking weed... again.

Quickly I dash around our small house in downtown Brooklyn and I find a place to hide the bong where I knew my family would never go in -- at least not after the incident -- the family shed before rushing back inside and spraying the air with one of my mothers most expensive perfumes to try and cloak the strong stench of the weed and after using half a bottle of the amber liquid it finally did its job and masked the strong stench and then I go upstairs and grabbed a toothbrush from my bathroom before swirling my mouth with the minty toothpaste and mouthwash

Just as I made it back down the stairs, the door swung open and in walked my sister followed promptly by my mom and Dad. Jessica was wearing a wide, goofy grin that seemed to light up her entire face but that could have something to do with the three medals she had firmly in her grasp as she runs into the kitchen and gets a class filling it up with water

“So Jess I take it the swim meet went well?” I ask, obviously, it had gone well due to the smile on her face and I sit down on the battered sofa as Jess walks over to the counters, pulling a glass out of the cupboards

Her eyes sparkle as she bounds back into the lounge, the glass that was full of water was now half-empty as she puts it on a coaster and turns to me, ready to launch into a story about how great her day has been “It was great! I won nearly every race and I would have won them all if it hadn’t have been for Toby Jenkins I swear that boy is part fish I mean nobody can actually swim that fast and the new equipment that we got from Ellis and Porscha Phillips made all the difference”

I grimace at how highly she spoke of Ellis and Porscha Phillips who were probably -- no they were --the richest couple in all of Brooklyn and New York City if not the entirety of America and their daughter Melanie Phillips was going to inherit their company and charity projects when she was older and out of education. However as much as the Philips family claimed they were on the side of less fortunate people and were setting up projects left right and centre to help those less fortunate I found this a load of bullcrap since if they were all about helping the less fortunate they wouldn’t be hoarding all their unwanted money and give it to someone people who were actually less fortunate I mean they do, do some pretty cool things like giving my sisters swim team all new equipment so they could train but I wish I could say it was from their hearts when in reality it was all just for the media and I bet when their only child Melanie inherits the charities and company she will be just like them, all fake smiles and shows for the media who apparently seems to love them and only them it was like we had no actually other events happening in the world or America because they had turned all the News Channels into their only little ‘Phillips show’

Rolling my eyes I resist the urge to tell her how full of shit the Philips family really were but before I could cut off her rambling that hadn’t stopped even though it had been five minutes but something she says stops me “I wish you were there El, why weren’t you there” She asks her goofy grin dropping slightly

“I’m sorry Jessie-cake but I had to do boring school-related stuff” I lie making my tone sound sincere and sad. The truth was, I didn’t go because I knew Hunt was going to be there seen as his brother was the captain of the rival team of my sisters and it would not be good if I had shown up as Hunt would probably going to go apeshit of my ass and cause a scene by picking a fight with me and I didn’t want to ruin it for Jess so I didn’t go and instead spent four hours of my life playing Mario Kart on the Wii and smoking pot

My parents didn’t look too convinced with my lie, they haven’t trusted me fully since what happened last year after the incident but Jessica’s grin was back on her face wide and full and I actually thought her cheeks were going to split into two as she bounded off to the kitchen once again this time to find some food

Before my parents could question me on what actually happened while they were at the swim meet I moved to the foot of the stairs and announced my leave “I’m going to my room if you want me to knock on my bedroom door as I’ll probably have my headphones on” I tell my parents

“Okay” My mother sighed looking worn out “But remember what we agreed, the door has to be at least half-open at all times” Her voice trailed off at the end due to me skipping up the stairs missing a step each time and I roll my eyes at her behaviour, she’s been overbearing this past two years and I don’t know how much more I can take

I was literally at my breaking point

I pushed open my door before walking in and closing it a little more than my mom told me to however I don’t close it all the way at least not yet, I don’t feel like fighting with her again, I didn’t want to upset her again, I had done that enough times to her to last a lifetime

Marching to my computer I push on my headphones and drown out the fucking shitty world

* * *

I woke up in the morning and felt like shit

Not that I don’t feel like shit every morning but this morning I felt especially shitty I didn’t know why that was, all I knew was this morning was extra shitty and I instantly knew it and I hadn’t even opened my eyes yet

Rolling onto my side I crack open an eye and grab my phone from the nightstand and unplugged it and held it as I sat up with my phone still in my hand and braced myself for looking down at my phone not knowing what death threats I would be getting from people today or from who

Hunt: Give me my fucking money or next time I see you, you’re going to get --.--

Trev: Asshole you ruined her life and now I’m going to ruin your life

Hunt: I’ve got my cousins gun and I’m just itching to use it on you bitch

Hunt: It’s all over....

Hunt: Next time you are dead got that?


I tear my eyes away from the screen and slam my phone down onto my bed, I didn’t like this and it was shitty and I should probably report it or at least tell my family but if I do that then I will go down with them as I don’t have the cleanest of records

“Elliot you need to get up soon or you’ll be late for school!” I hear my mom yell from downstairs before I hear the patter of feet run up the stairs and as fast as I can I stuff my phone under my pillow knowing mom will probably come into my room and drag my duvet off me like she does most mornings

I quickly lie back down and close my eyes messing up my hair a little like I do every morning, I always get these threats so I wake up early read ’em and then delete them knowing if Mom ever went through my phone and I hadn’t of deleted the messages the poor women would most likely have a heart attack

“ELLIOT, GET UP!” My mom yells as she pulls my duvet off of me and leaves me covering my arms as I try to keep warmth in my body and I rub my eyes and run my hand through my hair like I was just waking up and I mumble something that I didn’t want my mom to hear

“Let’s start this motherfucking morning”

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