Rich Girls Can Lie

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36 | seeking forgiveness


I KNEW I HAD FUCKED UP AS SOON AS THE DOOR CLOSED OVER AND I HEARD THE SIGH OF RELIEF, truthfully I didn’t know how she was going to react I had expected her to yell at me until she was red in the face before she began to throw things in my reaction and I was going to have to run out the door to shield myself from her wrath. However I didn’t expect her to have a panic attack as a reaction (I only know what they are called as my sister has them sometimes before a big garla, although they were never that bad). I could tell it freaked Melanie out too, I wondered if she has had one before?

I don’t know why I had expected her to forgive me because I used her but I thought we had some connection to each other but I guess we don’t because although I did use her in the begining but then I saw the person behind the front that she puts up and I saw that she was so different to heer parents and the way the media got closer and as I got closer to her and peeled back the layers that she had built up in order to protect herself as I saw those layers I began to realise how much she is like me

I began to like the blonde haired girl that is different than I thought

But I screwed it up like I fuck everything up

Huffing out a breath I walk down the corridor towards the stairwell, my pissed thoughts off making it diffucult for me to focus although I don’t know why I’m so pissed as everything was my fault and Melenie had every reason to act the way she did but it still fucking hurts to see her so mad with me

I jog down the old staircase, a thick layer of dust covering the dirty brown carpet and I can see mould growing on the corners of the wall, it wasn’t the best place in the world, the aparment was small and mould and damp were around every corner but it was still a place -- it was a place that the young Philips could call home for bow

I was about to open the glass door when I noticed a car pull up in the parking lot it was a black SUV with equally as black tinted windows and when a man with dirty blonde hair and pale blue eyes I stop instantlly

Ellis Philips was stading there in his crisp white shirt and navy suit a rolex watch sitting on his wrist catching the light and shining in the late sun, his face scrunched up in diguist as he takes in the state of the building and his lips turns down into a frown but after one last distateful look towards the building he straightens out his already immaculate shirt as if he had wrinkles on it before walking towards me, his shoulders squared and his posture as rigid as a pole

I try to move out the way before we bumped into each other but it was too late; as he walked past me we bumped shoulders as I was holding the door ajar and Ellis turned to glance at me and as soon as he took in my apperence, my longish dark hair with a day old stubble and tattoos covering my arms his cold blue eyes narrowed in on me and I felt myself having to bite my toungue to stop myself saying something rude as he is the most powerful man in the state and the girl I like father -- aibet not a good one -- but her father nonetheless

“It is rude to stare, young man” Ellis Philips snaps in my direction, his voice as cold as ice

Once again I find myself having to bite down on my toungue to stop myself from saying somethig rude and instead I just glare at the man before walking out the door and although it was still sunny due to the late sun the air around me was frigid and cold leaving me to shiver as I walked down the bustling streets of New York, my mind still reeling about how much I hurt Melanie Philips

When I first met the young Philips I thought she was a stuck up bitch with daddy issues -- and she still does but she’s so much more than a bitch -- and I must admit it took me too long to realise that fact and when I did it was too late I had screwed up too much and I knew it, but I couldn’t get the angelic image of her out of my mind, she was a lot like Violet in personailty sense

And I think that could be my undoing

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