Rich Girls Can Lie

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“ELLIOT I’M NOT IN THE MOOD SO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO SAY --” I start to scream at the door as I hear the lock slide on the door and the door open. My eyes narroow into cat like slits as I expect to see Elliot standing by the door begging for me to listen to the other half of his story but I freeze when a man a head shorter than Elliot stands there arms folded in an impatient manor and his dirty blonde hair gelled back so that not a single hair is out of place in his bed of hair as his pale blue eyes bore into mine challenging me to say something against him

My father stands in the doorway his face pinched in anger and boredness

“I do not know who this ‘Elliot’ guy is and I do not care frankly but I do not expect my daughter to speak to me like that, I thought your mother and I raised you better than that Melenie” my father says cooly his narrowed cold eyes never breaking contact with my own cat like stare

“Why are you here?” I huff after getting my voice back although it’s barely above a tiny whisper and I feeel my voice crack at the end. I feel torn in my emotions I want to scream at him and cry like I’m a two year old and throw him out of the flat for leaving me with nothing and nobody but at the same time I want to jump into his arms like I’m a little girl again and have him spin me around

But he’s cold exterior tells me, he isn’t here for a social call and if it was up to him he wouldn’t be here at all. He takes his time to speak his next words, for emphasis or impact I wasn’t sure but finally he speaks still in that dead and emotionless tone as if he put any feelings behind his words the world may end. I forget that there was a time when the man in front of me spoke so freely, so happy and carefree I want that man back but what he said next made me believe that he wasn’t ever going to come back “I came on behalf of your mother”

“Why couldn’t she come herself” I spit out vemom coursing through my voice making my throat dry and rough as I attempt to swallow the thick lump in my throat angry tears springing to my eyes

“When are you going to get it through your head?” My father says never raising his voice which he often does when he is angry -- he see’s it as more threanting -- which it is because it semds chills down my spine and he hasn’t even said anything to really hurt me yet or to really twist the knife into my heart, not yet at least “She doesn’t want to see you, she doesn’t want to see the disguisting failour you have become and she doesn’t even want me to be here, don’t you get it? We’ve disowned you, we have no strings attached you are no longer our daughter? Don’t rely on me or Porcha for anything”

Hot angry tears fall from my eyes and I don’t know what to say, they’ve only contacted me once since this whole thing began and that was to tell to have an abortion and then I thought they would never contact me again I thought they were so furious about that they would never want to see me again and now I’m standing in front of the man that I always believed would protect me was now telling me that he no longer considered me a part of his perfect little family

“Don’t cry sweetheart,” Ellis said shaking his head with a glare that makes shivers run down my spine “it’s not pretty for a girl disgusting like yourself who cried rape to cry you should’ve plenty of time to do so and I thought Porcha and I taught you better than that but it’s alright, it’s nothing to be afraid of it just means that you will not recieve any finacial or emotional help from any of us in the family not your mother or me or any of our exstended family from now on your own your own goodbye forever my dear”

And then -- Ellis my ex-father apparently -- turned on his heel and walked out of my life forever

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