Rich Girls Can Lie

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38 | being strong for others



Wasting no time I rush back inside as I was hanging around the parking lot I have no idea what was holding me there I thought it was the guilt that was tying me to the parking lot but yet I’m glad that I stayed because now Melenie would have someone to confort her after whatever shitty words came out of her bastard of a father mouth, even if it was the guy that stabbed her in the back, she still needed someone to help her through whatever she needs

Luckily for me the door wasn’t locked and it was only closed over making it easy for me to get into the apartment from the otherside of the room I could hear muffled cries from behind a door and I didn’t stop to think about what I was doing, I ran to door, slightly breathy from my run up the stairs, but I don’t stop as soon as I get to the door I bang on it as hard as I can but I can still hear the crying over my pounding fist

“MELANIE! C’MON MEL IT’S ELLIOT! LET ME IN” I yell, my fist pounding on thr door once more

I hear a few more sobs from the otherside of the door and I feel my heart lurch for her before it breaks for her father really must have the worlds most crappiest dad to make his daughter cry like that and I don’t even know what he said to her but I know it had to be bad to make the strongest girl I know cry

“MELANIE C’MON LET ME IN!” I beg of her worry and upset crushing my chest, making it ache and I have no idea why I felt like I did all I knew was that I couldn’t have the girl I was falling for upset over something that wasn’t her fault and that she couldn’t control

Finally after what felt like hours the lock on the door clicked off and Melenie was sat on the floor her knees cradled to her chest, and when she peered up at me with her wide doe like eyes her eyes were red ringed, bloodshot and puffy, while her cheeks were stained with tears and I don’t know what it was but it that moment to me she looked beautiful (even with the snot matting her usually glossy hair and tangling it)

I crouch down to Melanie height and pull into a hug and at first the scared freignted little girl was as stiff as a bored at my touch but soon relaxed into it and began sobbing again holding my tightly like she was afraid thay if she let go of me that she was simply going to dissappear and I smoothed down her hair as I tried to whisper soothing things into Melenie’s ear although I had no idea if it was working though as I was too consious of the prettiest girl in all of New York (acording to a few dozen magazines and boys) crying on my shoulder

I’d lost track of time by the time Melanie Philips spoke up again still cradled in my arms as a few stray tears rolled down her cheeks I put the pad on my thumb on her porcelin like cheeks and wiped away the tears that were left staining her cheeks. Her voice was quiet and she spoke between gasps and hiccups “I ... am ... no longer a ... Philip ... Dad wouldn’t accept me” She gestured to her produging 3 month and half belly but as she was having twins it looked like she was six months along

“Shhh it’ll be okay” I soothe her stroking her hair and kissing the side of her forehead

“NO!” She yelled, suprising me with her outburst but it only led me to hold onto her tighter as I shushed her again, trying to calm her down from her hysteria. Melenie looked up at me, her pale blue eyes swimming with sadness “I could handle the snide and snarky comments at school that were always paired with some sort of patronising look or sympathetic glance but being reject by my own family my own blood that I cannot handle. My dad always said that blood was thicker than water but I guess he was wrong ” She spits angrily as she starts to shake vioelently

I tried to hold her tighly as she began to shake more and more under my touch and I shook my head at her a little “You are the strongest girl I know and you will get through this and whatever life throws at you next because you are that strong and anyone who tells you differently isn’t worthy enough to be in your life. When I first met you I thought you were just another spoilt princess who got pregnant off a guy who she didn’t really love but then I met you and saw through that mask you slip on and saw your struggles and pain and overall how amazing and beautiful you were, it would have been the easy option for you to give up on yourself and those babies the moment you found out you were pregnant by means of something that should never have happened to you but it did and you survived that so you can survive anything and I’ll be there to help you every step of the way, if you’ll let me after what I did to you --”

I was cut off by something that I wasn’t expecting, truth be told I didn’t know what to expect yelling maybe? But this was far from what I was expecting I was cut off by a soft but salty pressure on my lips that made my head go wirling and my senses go into overdrive

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