Rich Girls Can Lie

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39 | that strange feeling


I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKING -- IN FACT LET ME REPHRASE THAT I WASN’T THINKING -- Because if I was my lips wouldn’t be moulded against Elliot’s right now I was supposed to hate the boy butt something stronger within me was pulling him to me as if he was a magnet and soon I couldn’t battle with my feelings anymore I needed to kiss him and in that moment I did and it felt all kinds of wrong but it also felt like I had come home the second my lips touched his, as chiche as it sounded . For the second or two that our lips touched Elliot didn’t react and I quickly pulled away as if his lips were on fire (which they could have been from the amout of heat and electricty coursing through my body) thinking I had done something wrong

Gently Elliot grabbed my face again lookin me in the eye asking a silent question which I answered back with pleading eyes before he pulled me into him, he iniating the kiss this time and soon I felt myself melt into him as he led the kiss and I let him (having no real expirence myself) he poked his toungue onto my lips sending jolts down my spine as he asked for entrace but I pulled away -- not because I wanted to but because I was scared of how far I would let him get with me.

Suprisingly there was no anger in his brown eyes when I did pull back, only understanding, which I found both conforting and reasuring that he understood what I was going through and what I was thinking when I was kissing him, obviously by accident, but I couldn’t help it, in my mind I could hear the faint ripping of the fabric from my knickers even if every fibre and nerve in my body was begging and pleading with me not to

“Sorry” I whisper out finally, still a little dazed and out out of breath

“It’s alright” Elliot smiled warmly “I’m just glad I got to kiss you, you have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that and we can just take it slow alright? At your own pace and I won’t be mad at you for wanting to take it slow” He says making heat rise up to my cheeks and my heart hammered in my chest like a stampeede of wild horses and I had a warm sort of strange feeling before in my chest that goes down to my stomach which then wants to do flips and tie itself into knots at the same time

It was a foreign feeling and I wanted to know what it was as it felt good

“I’m glad that you understand, and I really I’m so--” I start to apoligise but am cut off with a swift kiss effectifly shutting me up for a few minutes as I try to snap myself out of the joyous daze I was currently in

When Elliot pulled back he took one look at my expression and burst out laughing to the point where he had tears swimming in his eyes and in between his laughter he half told me and half scolded me “Stop apoligising and just shut up and clear your thoughts of thinking what happened to you was your fault because it wasn’t you didn’t ask for this and it was the fault of the scumbag who did this to you it’s his fault not your fault”

I couldn’t help argue though “I feel like it is though...”

I trail off into my own thoughts when Elliot cuts me off effiectifly again, but this time it isn’t with a kiss it is with a glare “No it is not” He says sharply, his words holding an air of finiaty around them making me finally shut my mouth yet again “C’mon lets get you up and off the floor, the way you are sitting surely isn’t a very comfurtable way to be sitting”

However despite me only now noticing the pain shooting through my leg because of all the euphoria and happines I had felt earlier, I let Elliot grab ahold of my hand as I shook my head “It’s fine” I say

“Your lying” He smirks, half proud

“How do you know I am?” I was quick to retort, not ready to loose the argument just yet

“Because of your face” He states like it was the most obvious thing in the world “and, the way it scruched up and your eyebrows drew together into a frown” He then pulled me up from my spot on the floor so I was standing and because of the pins and needle like sensation in my leg I stumbled forward a little struggling to catch my footing as I had spend an unknown legnth of time in a painful position but Elliot was stood infront of me so he was able to balance me out

“Well aren’t you smart” I tease

Elliot just grinned at me and winked “And don’t you forget it!”

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