Rich Girls Can Lie

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40 | back to reality


YOU KNOW HOW THE SAYING GOES ‘EVERYTHING MUST COME TO END’ and the words I know now were more true than anything. I have always believed the saying deep down but now the saying had a deeper meaning as I put on my leather jacket and glance at Melenie’s slightly rumpled hair and smudged mascara(from her crying earlier) and her soft velvet swollen lips and I wanted to freeze time and stay with her forever

“Do you have to go?” Melenie asks me softly from where she was sat her legs curled under her body on the floor as her doe like eyes peering up at me innocence shining like the sun in her eyes and I can’t help but chuckle sadly as I nod my head. She pouts a little as she continues dertermend to get me to stay with her “But you have nowhere to stay except that crappy hotel and I rather you not stay there so why don’t you stay here for the night? I’ll sleep on the sofa?”

I had no idea why she was being so nice to me when I had been the biggest dick to her but I guess she forgave me somewhat because not even five minutes ago her lips were attached to mine in a pashionate moment and I would’ve loved to take her up on her offer but me being around her for too long isn’t good because if Trevon found out about Melenie and something happened to her....

I would never forgive myself

Shaking my head I watch as the sweet and innocent Melenie Philips face began to fall at the idea of me leaving her I didn’t want to but it was what was best for her walking over to her I place a quick kiss on her forehead but it seemed like she was having none of that because as soon as my lips left her soft as silk skin she tilted her head up a little and I know what she wanted me to do because after about a half a dozen kisses she quickly realised that I could not resist her, I had to hand it to her, she knew how to get what she wanted. I chuckle softly once again and kiss her lips lingering there for a moment as I didn’t want it to end

“I’ll call you tommorow okay?” I tell her and she nods her head still pouting slightly

I walk over to the door and turn back with my left hand on the doorhandle, I wave at her one last time before opening the door and walking out letting it click shut behind me, leaving the best part of what I am behind in that room. Melenie Philips (though she is too modest to say anything) is the best thing that has ever happened to me, she brings the best out of me, even when she wasn’t trying to do so

Walking down the famillar stairs I make my way out of the building and put my headphones straight in my ears before blasting my music playlist and blocking out the rest of this crappy world as I find myself walking back to the equally as crappy motel that I had been staying in, but for the first time I didn’t mind and a small smile was actually playing on my lips and twitching the corners of my lips up

That was until my phone vibrated in my pocket and a small jingle could be heard from softly over the blasting of the music in my ear and with a now fully grown grin stretching across my face (as I suspected it would be a certain blonde girl saying that she missd me already) but when I dug my phone out of my pocket my smile froze in its place as I read the name dotted across the small screen


My hands continued to shake and my whole body felt numb as I dared myself to read whatever that bastard had to say to me.

Hey my white girl friend,

I was just checking the log books that Hunter kept safe in order to check who was using his drugs like how much crack or pot they had and how much they owed him and boy white bitch did you owe him a lot a cash. Now as once was your friend I’ll give you a month to give me all of the cash otherwise I’ll put a bullet between your eyes and unlike Hunter I won’t miss

On Tuesday 29th November I will email you a date and time to meet me with the money in a month but for now tata my white bitch

Trevon xx

The text seemed innocent enough but I could read behind lines and as much as I wanted to hide in a buble with Melenie I knew I couldn’t because when it came back to it I had to go back to the real world

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