Rich Girls Can Lie

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41 | alone


I EVENTUALLY PULLED MYSELF UP OFF THE FLOOR AND PULLED MY FLOWY TOP BACK OVER MY HEAD, sighing I wish that Elliot could be back in my arms holding me tightly as he made me feel like I was home I don’t know when Elliot Walker became the most important person in my life? I guess it happened over time it happened slowly but shorly and then it happened all at once I guess it happened like it does when you fall asleep after a long day

I don’t know when I started to develop feeling for the dark haire mystery I suppose it happened when Elliot wasn’t around me in those few weeks that we fought and didn’t have his arm around me in a reassuring manner I felt lost and I felt alone like I do now and like I did all those freaking months ago and this time I didn’t have Lacy to fall back on because for the past couple of weeks she hasn’t been in school, it happens sometimes once or twice I suppose her step dad gets so angry with her that she locks herself in her room and refuses to come out it for however long he is in his livid and drunken stupor...She once came back to school so pale and thin and fragile she looked like she could have broken if I was to squeeze too hard, Lacy later told me she had only managed to survive with the bread crackers and water she would get from the kitchen when she would sneak down there when Greg was passed out for the count

My only hope was that this time nothing bad was going to happen to the sweet brown headed girl that I had known most of my life because I don’t know if I could survive being alone after being disowned by my parents and I have noone else in my life except Elliot and Lacy and possibly Kenzie Greenheart but then again I haven’t been friends with her since 7th grade and the first time I had spoken to her since then had been just a few months ago so I don’t think that really classes me as her ‘friend’ and I don’t know what the hell I would do if either of them left me.

Afterall if they did leave I was then completely alone in this world with a 4 month old baby bump growing in my stomach carrying what could either be the light of my life or my darkness and downfall in life

Standing up and not wanting to let these sad and depressing but all the while truth I walked over to the kitchen and turned on the small stove that was embedded in the corner of the equally as small kitchen attempting to make dinner in a means to distract myslf from the thoughts I was having

Putting a small pan on one of the gas rings, I turn on the heat and flames lick around the edge of the small bronze pan as I pour soup from a can into the cool metal untensil that was slowly heating up. I grab a wooden spoon from the draws beneath the countertop that I was at and begin to slowly turn the soup in the pan as I turn up the heat making the flames grow ever bigger as the dance around the pan -- almost as if they were parading the plab and wanting to make friends with it


That word swims in my head around and around and around until the words were screaming at me and making my ears ring. I knew I didn’t have very many people to support me now and lean on, only like five or six people but now that my parents offically disowned me I’m sure that number will decrease when the news gets out that I’ve been disowned and trust me when I say that in 24hrs my face alongside my parents will be plastered on every single tabloid in the state with a smear of a headline like ‘DISGRACED PRINCESS MELANIE PHILIPS DISOWNED BY PARENTS’ and I knew I would be lucky if even one person stood by me because I knew I didn’t derseve that much because what if because all these years I’ve been acting like bitch I’ve actually turned into one?

I was alome now, I knew that much

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