Rich Girls Can Lie

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ONCE AGAIN ON MONDAY MORNING I FOUND MYSELF TRAVLING DOWN THE HALL GLARING AT ANYONE WHO GOT TO CLOSE. A scowl was etched across my face, big and bushy and hiding my cold brown eyes, my boots scufflle along the tiled floor and my head feels heavy but I keep going towards my locker the only thing keeping me up on my feet and not banging my head against a wall twenty times until it bled was an image of the blode haired angel wanting for me in her small little flat after her and I finish school.

“You might want to ease up on the death glares you look like your going to shoot the whole corridor on the spot” A voice whispers near me ear as cold as it was all those years ago and I resit the urge to bang my head repeatedly against the nearest locker. Against my better judgement I suck in a sharp breath and spin around to see Trevon and his grey eyes narrowed into snake like slits

“What do you want?” I sneer punching a nearby locker

“No, no Elliot it’s not what I want, it’s what you want , you want your precious Melenie Philps to be safe and so do I believe me when I say that I don’t want anything to happen to her but it will and it’ll be like torture for her if you don’t get me the rest of the money with the time frame of 72 hours”

Anger boiled within my veins and for a split second I lost all control of my actions and when I finally was able to gain control I saw that I had pinned Trevon against one of the locker, my elbow cutting into his throat and fist grabbing at his t-shirt, I hear a low growl come from my throat as I spit out the next words “You do not touch Melanie Philips and I will get your goddamn money but if you so touch a hair on her pretty little head you will get nothing”

A lazy crooked smirk grazed Trevon’s lips as if he was unfazed by my threat but I could see the fear darting back and forth like a rabbit though he hid it well and spoke as if he was amused by my words even though I was still holding him up against the locker “My, my Walker getting a little teritoral are we?” As I growled again, his smirk only grew annoyingly wider “Besides I was only acting on daddy dearest’s orders”

That made me falter and my hand slackened enough for Trevon to be able to wriggle out of my grasp amusement sparkling in his eyes as I was trying to piece together what I had just been told. I look deep within his eyes to see if there was any signs of him lying but there wasn’t and that was what worried me “W-what do you mean?” I stammer like a pathetic idiot

“Oh, you don’t know? Well this makes it even more amusing” Trevon muses amusment lacing his voice so much that it sounded like he was drunk and his face was a picture of glee he looked like a little kid on Christmas “After Mr Philips vist to his ex-daughters place a few days ago, he saw you and he researched you up and after a while he stumbled across my name and called me up saying he had a job for me and would pay me in gracious amounts”

My entire body now felt numb by the time the black skinned boy had stopped speaking, my skin was crawling with nerves and I felt as if I couldn’t move all I could do was ask the one question that I was dreading the answer to “W-what job did Mr P-Philips give you?”

Trevon grinned like a madman like he enjoyed hanging the answer above my head so it was just out of reach but I could still see it (which he probably did) and just as he was about to speak the bell rang making him snap his mouth shut and instead give me a sly wink before he walked away to his lessons backwards grinning maliciously at me all the way until he was around the corner

It took me a few minutes to finally unfreze and by then most of the hallway was desolted and I immediently jumped into action, not going to lessons. No. That would’ve been pointless because if I went to lessons that means I would’ve been stuck in lessons for the next four hours until lunch and thats four hours that someone could get and hurt my little Philips girl. Instead my heads went flying towards my faded jeans pocket and I quickly pulled out my phone, the little shards of glass sticking into my fingers from my smashed phone from when I threw it against the wall in my bad temper but I ignore the pain as I hastily pull up the litt green background with a white phone on icon and I waste no time in pulling ip my most recently called and tapping at the screen at my most recent. It rings three or four times and once the person picks up I waste no time in warning them cutting off their confused greeting

“You need to leave now

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