Rich Girls Can Lie

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43 | panic! panic!


“YOU NEED TO LEAVE NOW” ELLIOT REPEATS IMPATIENTLY, after I didn’t speak for a moment or two and the urgency and steady fear he held in his voie made panic swell up in my chest like a balloon and I struggled to get my next few words out

“E-Elliot w-what is going on?” I stammer as I struggle to find the right words and to breathe, hastily I add on “Your scaring me” Because right now Elliot Walkr was indeed scaring me I thought he was calling me to see he missed me or that he forgotton something of his here but he would get it when he swung by later, but to cut off my greeting and to scare me by saying something like that really did have me panicking

“Shh sweetheart I dont mean to scare you but I don’t have much time to explain either because I’m sure some teacher by now will probably notice that I’m not in their lesson” He chuckles softly but I can hear the nerves behind it “So I need you to list to me carefully, I need you to get out of here and I need you to ditch your phone because I ran into Trevon, the guy I owe money to, and he says that if I didn’t get him the money within 72 hours then he and some of his criminal buddies will come and torture you and then kill me probably but I think you father has something to do with this so I need you to get out of there and meet me at the corner store” He explains and bile rises into my throat feeling hot and slimy as it makes its way into my throat before I swallow it back down

To be honest what Elliot said about my father it wasn’t that suprising as I knew both my parents have had shady buisness deals in the past and have also managed to cover stuff like that up with their ‘generous’ charity work and the amout of cash they will give to buisnesses, hospices and children and adult hospitals, though most of the money they donate will go to the children cancer ward but only because I beg them once a year to make a donation in memory of their youngest daughter Savannah, but what does suprise and paralyse me is the fact that my father would use his shady buisness connections to hurt his daughter

Even if I’m no longer a daughter in his eyes

“Okay” I say shakily trying to get my erracticly beating heart under control “So what do I?” I ask picking at an odd thread on my jumper trying to keep m mind distracted as Elliot explained to me that I would pack an overnight bag with only the things in it that I deem neccesary and then I will get out of the house as quickly as I can

He then hung up quickly, leaving me standing in the small living room frozen for a few minutes frozn as I tried and failed to gather my thoughts, I was shook out my thoughts by a heavy knock on the door and muffled shouts, orders and curses and one large knock on the door enough that the door nearly shook the door off of his hinges and for a moment I was rooted to my spot unable to move as I tried to think of a way out of this situation


The door rattles again as someone kicks it in and the noise jumps me out of my frozen state and I spring into action as quickly as I could, my mind working on overdrive as I tried to come up with a plan to get me out of the house safely

I then remembered -- like a lightbulb moment -- that the window in my bedroom was big enough for me to crawl through even though most of the window was rusted shut and I knew it was risky consindering I was about 4 months pregnant but if I wanted to get out of this unscathed I was going to have to risk it

Managing to just about sprint into the small boxy room that I call my room and pushed open the window with all of my might as far as it would go just before I grab my nightbag and I heard an almighty thud and crash and I knew the door had been broken down. Quickly I hook my leg over the ledge on the window and dangle my legs over the edge as I sat on it, I look over the edge at the drop I would have to take to get to the ledge that was a few feet downwards and take a deep breathe

Before I drop downwards

I can feel the wind against my skin and the weightless feeling of it all and for a moment I enjoy that feeling but then I remember where I was and braced myself for the impact of the ledge. Pain jolted through my leg and I hiss biting my tongue as I try to keep myself from yelling out and I knew I couldn’t stand for much longer.

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