Rich Girls Can Lie

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44 | we all fall down



It started with a crappy cheery ringtone from a cheap broken second hand phone and the mocking glances of students that I had no idea were there and nor did I care and the weak glare of a science teacher that I had yet to learn the name of “Mr Walker” She said in a high pitch naisly voice “Please can you answer your phone and put it on speaker”

I scowled and glared at the teacher and for a few minutes we had a stare off but when it was clear that she wasn’t backing down no matter how many times I mentally lobbed my pencil into her hand so I fished my phone out of my jean pocket and saw that the name lighting up the screen was ‘Melenie<3’ and I swiftly but softly curse under my breath earning me another glare from the annoying teacher

I hestiently press the green phone button and before I could warn her she was on speaker so it might be best to disguise her voice she spoke first and it sound as if she had been or currently was crying “El ... There here” She sniffed and as soon as she says that I feel my whole body tense and half the class is confused about what Melenie is talking about and the other half are baffled and slightly shocked about how I have the ex daughter of the most famous people in the state of New York “I managed to crawl through the window and leap down to a ledge but my ankle twisted and with the pain I couldn’t walk ... and now my stomach hurts”

But I was frozen for a good thirty seconds I couldn’t talk

“Shush baby, I need you to calm down and tell me where it hurts” I coo at her trying to get her to calm down from her hestrical state and I hear a few more sniffs and sobs coming from Melenie’s side of the line before she is able to answer

“Everywhere” She breaks down into the sobs “Elizabeth and Taylor might be hurt”

“Elizabeth and Taylor hey?” I ask and smirk letting the amusement flow through my voice as I attempt to cheer Melenie up so I could check that she was alright. In all honestly I had no idea that she had picked out the names of the two baby girls she was having (according to the doctor thst she visted a few months ago) bur the names were very pretty just like I thought she was but now was not the time I needed to find out where she was and go to get her

“Yes, I decided on their names a few days ago before all of this shit happemed their names are Taylor Grace and Elizabeth Hazel” She sniffed again but it seemed like this time there was a smile behind her words and many people in the class was suprised to see that a curse had passed through the lips of the golden girl but I wasn’t I knew that she was just another broken fragment in the world as was the rest of us because nobody in the world is perfect

Suddenly there was shouts and what sounded like a scuffle and a few broken sobs and panicked I called out Melenie’s names but she didn’t respond and then I heard a few heavy footsteps and then a voice on the phone call out “She was talking to someone must have been calling for help that bitch” and there were roudy cheers following that statement before the cold voice says “and it seemed like it was the son of a bitch Walker the one that Trev and Mr Philips warned us about, well Walker if you want your princess alive then you know where to meet us and what to do”

I felt like I had been dowsed in icy water and then slapped hard across the face -- they had her and I wasn’t there to stop them -- but I had to do something -- whatever it takes to get her back after all it was my fault that she was caught up in this I just had too fall for the sweetheart of the state and now I had to do something -- anything -- to get her back in my arms and safe

“Don’t you fuc--” There was a beep and the phone was hung up

I instantly stood up tall like there was a metal rod implated into my back and my eyes dusted over with a steely cold look as I swung my bag over my shoulder and walked to the door ignoring the confused glance of my peers and protests from the teacher as soon as I got out of the door, I started sprinting down the hallway, my legs going as fast as they could but my sprinting still didn’t feel fast enough

The confused protests and threats of teachers and office staff blurred into one as I ran out the building pushing my legs even still faster not stopping even as they began to burn and ache only one thing on my mind and that was Melenie nd her amazing laugh and how I hoped it wasn’t too late to save her and her precious cargo

Because if that happened I knew for sure I would be lost

And I would fall down if she was killed because she was the only thing keeping me going and giving me hope and I knew if I lost the one thing that pulled me out of my moody depressive state after Tori died when not even my patents could do that I literally don’t know if I could survive a second death at my hands with all that blood on them

Lets just hope I’m not too late

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