Rich Girls Can Lie

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45 | blood and screams



His lips were turned up into a cruel and crooked smirk and his greeny blue eyes were wide and full of wickedness. He had on a tight fitting buisness suit and his dirty blonde hair was gelled back onto the crown on his head (like it usually was) and his crisp white shirt didn’t have a speck of my blood on it since I was bleeding from a cut just above my eyebrow from when I fell down when I couldn’t stand I also had a slash across my cheek to my lips -- as a form of punishment because I wouldn’t shut up screaming

He crouched down to my eye level and spoke in the same detached and cold manor that I had grown used to over the years “Well, well, my daughter good to see you oh wait it isn’t. See I thought your mother and I raised you better than to become a slut but you did and we had to do something about that so we kicked you out of the house hoping you would come to your senses only you didn’t and stubbornly you decided to keep the filthy child even though you cannot raise a child as you are one yourself so I’m here to rectify that for you and get rid of whats holding you back from coming back to the people who love you and not some street addict you took pity on”

Before I knew what was happening my father has got a knife out and has pressed it to my belly button the cool silvery metal making me shover as I begin to thrash about my head rearing as I struggle to get free of the binds and the gag that had taken ahold of. Suddenly I hissed and bit my tongue trying to stop me from screaming out as I knew if I did so I would only recieve a harsher punishment. Pain spread throughout my stomach and I silently cried, the only indacation that I was crying was my shoulders shaking and the tears rolling down my cheeks

Eventually my father stopped and I took in a big breath, my heart was shaking my ribcage as it pounded faster than ever before and for a second I allowed myself to look up at my father, to look up at the man I never expected to hurt me raise a fist to me let alone cut on my stomach when he knows I’m pregnant. My father may have not liked me being pregnant and trust me when I say I don’t either but that’s life and I moved on so why can’t he?

I’m here to rectifty that for you

My fathers words replayed in my head and in an instant I felt sick to my stomach as his words clicked together in my mind as easy as a jigsaw puzzle my father was cutting into my stomach to try to carve out the baby growing inside of me!

I didn’t care about any harsh punishment that my dear dad held ready for me if I disobeyed him and instead I screamed I screamed until my lungs were burning and my throat was dry as I tried my best to wriggle free of the rope binds that were slitting my wrists and making them bleed and red and raw and the gag that was made out of silk that was muffling my scrams

My head snapped to side with so much force that it got slammed into the wall making me feel dizzy and bleary eyed as I fought above everything else to stay awake but it seemed like either luck or the amount of blood that I lost was against me as I quickly blacked out the last image I saw was of my father holding the knife and smiling like a madman down at me

I felt like shit

What felt like forever later I awoke though my stomach was still seering in pain like someone had poured scolding water on it and my head was still banging and I felt like I had been runover by a truck, I could hear a faint beeping sound but refused to open my eyes after all I should have been dead, why aren’t I dead?

Eventually though after reassuring myself that I wasn’t dead and that I can’t be dead because that doesn’t make any sense and I slowly opened my eyes bringing my hand up to shield me from the harsh light that burns the back of my eyes

I try to sit up but a splitting pain holds me grounded and once again I hiss as I lift up my two sizes too big for me gown and see stitches lining the lenghth of my stomach I sigh in pain and fall back onto the pillows and only then did I look around the room and see Elliot curled up on a plastic chair asleep and looking as bad as I felt

“Elliot!” I whisper to the sleeping figure “Elliot! Wake up!”

Elliot sturred but didn’t wake so in a last attempt to wake the boy up I extended my arm mild pain shooting through it as I did and grabbed one of the pillows that I wasn’t using before launching it at Elliot and watching it as it smacked him in the forehead jolting him awake. For a few minutes Elliot stood there confused having have jumped up his eyes scanning the room for any danger until they landed on me

“Mel!” He exclaims, his voice so full of happiness and hope “I’m so glad that your alive” He adds before pulling me into a gentle hug and giving me a passionate kiss, “I’ll go tell the doctor that your awake you’ve beeen out for nearly a week” He says when we broke away

“Are my babies okay?” I whisper and Elliot looked at me with those sad deer eyes and I knew it wasn’t going to be good news but he doesn’t say anything and just walks out the room to find a doctor

After a few minutes though he was back with the doctor trailing behind him and the doctor looked almost sympathically at me before speaking “Hello Melenie I’m Dr Curtis I must say --” the doctor starts to say but I cut her off

“Are my babies okay?” I whispered my voice shaking

She looked at me her eyes full of sadness “Due to internal bleeding and the angle of where the knife had been put in we were only able to save one of the babies and it is possible that that child could be lost during the rest of your pregnacy or end up with a physical disabilty but we cannot know what that could be yet” She explains softly but I don’t hear most of it only that I have lost my child

“Shhh sweetheart listen your safe nothing can hurt you” Elliot coos as I bawl onto his shoulder holding him tight

The End

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