Rich Girls Can Lie

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A PAINFUL SCREAM PUSHED IT’S WAY PASS MY LIPS. As I panted and tried to catch my breath I have been in labour now for a little under 12 hours and it was the most horrific thing that I have ever had to exprience and I felt like I was going to pass out soon as I haven’t slept all night due to my contractions

“One last push!” Said the midwife that was delivering my daughter but it was muffled and cut off by another painful yell from me I doubled over, one hand clutching my stomach and the other hand tightly clutching Elliot’s fingers as he rubs circles into my back trying to calm me down. His fingers were probably numb by now but he looked like he didn’t care, he was just smiling down at me

Yes, after all that Elliot and I have gone through we had managed to stay together and had just celebrated our five month aniversary and he has been a great help during my pregnacy and the nightmares that I got and still get after my good for nothing father tourtured me. Luckily though that bastard is out of my life for good, Elliot found me unconcious after calling the cops he called the ambulance and that son of a bitch was taken into custardy and two weeks later he had a trial

Of course the courts found him guilty of torture and attempted murder and countless other minor offences so when they were added up to his sentence and when the courts said he would be serving life in jail I cried happy tears for the first time in months

Mother wasn’t happy with the public shaming my father and I wasn’t happy that they were suddenly taking my side after my father attacked me after basically smearing my image on every single newspaper for about four months but my mom being my mom was loyal to my dad until the very end and by that I meant that she was loyal to him until he pleaded guilty in court for attempted murder and toture against me and didn’t look very regretful at all. She actually ended it by screaming over the banister as he had his ass hauled away from the courts that it was over and she never wanted to see him again! Completely breaking down in court and showing her human side

Ever since then she has tried to rebuild her relationship with me

Suddenly a cry emitted throughout the room bringing tears to my eyes “You’ve done really well Miss Philips and you have become the mother of a beautiful baby girl” Said the nurse after Elliot had snapped the unbilacol cord and the midwives cleaned her up so she didn’t have blood staining her tiny little body. Finally she was bundled in a baby pink blanket and ever so carefully handed to me

As soon as I saw her the water works started and tears pour out of my eyes, she as so small and fragile as she snuggeled against my chest her little fingers wrapping around my own even with her eyes shut and although she had only just been born little tuffs of chocolate brown hair was sprouting from her head

“She’s so beautiful” I whisper afraid to be too loud

“She is” Elliot agreed

“That she is,” The nurse mummered “She’s a little fighter too and I will just need the name of this little one and I can fill out the birth certificate and give you two some privacy” She sang a little

I glanced at Elliot once before answering “Taylor Grace Hazel Philips”

It was a pretty name and I knew it was going to suit her well, it was also a reminder of both my daughters that I will remember for as long as I can and Lacy helped me pick out the name ‘Grace’ before she had to go to a mental hospital, after all the abuse Lacy’s father had put her under he was finally caught alongside my father although years of abuse didn’t leave Lace unharmed she had a number of mental health issues so with premission from her aunt who was now her legal guardian she’d booked herself into a ward and she told me that she wasn’t going to leave until she was 100% better

But for now my mind was cast back onto my daughter as she snuggled deeper into my arms and I knew wherever this little beauty went in life I would follow behind her without a shadow of a doubt that I would follow her to the ends of the earth if that was where she wanted to go

After all it was just the begining of an amazing adventure. . .

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