Rich Girls Can Lie

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05 | split family


“HOW COULD YOU? AFTER WHAT WE WENT THROUGH WITH YOUR SISTER?” My Mother yelled at me, tears running down her face although her face was still immaculately held even with multiple layers of mascara and makeup on her face, her makeup was only slightly smudged but you couldn’t tell unless you were looking at my mother very closely, I know what ahe was crying at and for her to accuse me of doing the same thing as my little sweet baby sister did, it was like a stab to the heart

“Y-You think I’m lying don’t you?” I scream as another sob racked through my body, I felt both mentally and physically drained as my stomach churned and twisted with guilt and a sickening feeling, one that was almost too hard to explain it felt like I was going to be swallowed by a black hole or something because when I thought of my sister I always had that feeling because I could of done more

My mother doesn’t answer and her lip curls and I start to sob again, her silence said that she didn’t believe I was pregnant because I was raped, I knew that word was a very sensitive word to bring up with my mother but she was going to find out that I was pregnant anyway and probably ask me who the father was although I don’t even know so with the help of Lacy I was able to tell my mother and father the truth about what happened that night and how I was raped and then left to clean myself up and after that six weeks later I found out I was pregnant

“OH STOP CRYING GIRL!” My father barks harshly making me bite back a sob

It is the first time, he had been verbal in our argument and my story telling his face had remained passive and cold with the occasional eye twich and lip curl that he and my mother seem to share in that trait and the way he spoke made me flinch and my sobbing to cease for a minute while I look up at him with pleading eyes almost begging with him to believe me because I knew if he did then my mother would to, but his cold calculating eyes held no warmth or remorse and I knew he wouldn’t believe me.

“Mrs and Mr Philips” Lacy started careful in choosing her next words, Lacy through all of this yelling and sobbing had stayed close to my side squeezing my hand as the occasional reminder that she was her for me but she didn’t have to do that, she could have not believed me or called me a whore (like she does to most of the girls in our school) but she didn’t she has chosen to stood by me and is now taking matters in to her own hands as she stands up to my parents, which right now was a risky thing to be doing “You have to believe Lacy, she is telling the truth, she was raped and now is pregnant because of it”

My father’s cold gaze turns from me to Lacy and narrows slightly “Were you there?”

Lacy tensed and I could feel her shaking slightly as she stumbled over her words “N-No s-sir I wasn’t t-there but Melly I believe is t-telling the truth she wouldnt lie” I could understand why my best friend was shaking in fear having myself been on the end of one of my fathers cold and empty glares but over time I just got used to the emptiness in the black pits of his haunting green orbs but obviously Lacy hasn’t got used to the glares. I wanted to shout at my dad for pouring fear into her but I couldn’t because no words came to my lips so I sat there gormless and unhelpful as my best friend was shaking in fear

“My daughter has lied before” My fathers words were sharp and to the point and I felt like I had just been stabbed through the heart hundreds of times and if either my mother or father noticed my pained expression they didn’t comment on it and my father just continued, his glare never wavering from Lacy’s petrified filled eyes “How do you know that she is telling the truth, this time? Especially at this time of year”

That sentence was another stab to the heart but I tried as much as I could to not let the tears fall because that would’ve been a sign of weakness in my father’s eyes and I couldn’t show him any weaknesses -- especially not now

Lacy’s silk like voice brought me out of my thoughts even if it was shaking “I trust Melly”

“Then Lacy Gregory you have made a mistake by standing by and putting your trust in my daughter and I will ask that you will not return to this household again unless it is a matter of life or death” My father’s words were cold and chilling, he had always thought of Lacy as a daughter and had treated her with respect and now he is kicking her, I went to say something but again no words came to mind. His cold glare shifted towards me and he showed no remorse as he spoke his next words “And I want you out to, we can’t have our daughter crying rape and being pregnant it would abolish our image and we can’t have that especially when we have just put AADT in place, we simply can not have it. Do you agree Porcha?”

I turned to my mother fearful of what she was going to say, Her lips curled up in their signature cruel smile “I agree we simply can’t have it, she along with Gregory needs to leave before she can put shame onto this household. We will give you the rest of the day to pack up your belongings but then you must truly be on your way, I’m sorry it ended this way, I expected more from you Melanie Evangeline ” Her steel blue eyes, were cold and held no pity or were apologetic about what she was about to do and I looked at my Mom stunned, you know ever since the incident with my sister, I admit they had grown colder towards me but I thought, when the time came, when I really needed them, they would have my back but now I was doubting whether I even knew my parents, they were cold and cruel and callous and I was starting to see that now. Starting to them for who they truly were.

After all they had just kicked their own kid out onto the streets.

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