Rich Girls Can Lie

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06 | sunshine on a rainy day


THAT DAY I ENDED UP WALKING HOME WITH AN ICE PACK SOOTHING MY JAW, apperantly the black and blue bruise that Hunter gave me at the end of the day was just a warning shot and next time I didn’t get a payment for the drugs on time he would do some serious realignment of my facial features

I had my headphones in and one hand was in my pocket with the ice pack resting on my swollen jaw held firmly in place by my other hand (the one that wasn’t in my pocket) and a new beat came through the headphones leaving me to fish out my phone from the back pocket of my faded and terribly worn out and press the volume on the side of my phone to turn up the volume and suddenly as I walk down the pavement I get lost in the lyrics of my favourite song as of last year because when the incident happened last year I spent a lot of time in my room listening to the lyrics of songs and I found this to be the most relatable song to how I was feeling when it came out

The second someone mentioned you were all alone

I could feel the trouble coursing through your veins

And know I know

it’s got a hold

Just a phone call left unanswered had me sparking up

These cigarettes won’t stop me wondering where you are

Don’t let go

Keep a hold

The first verse was probably the most relatable to me because at the time I was reaching for anything any drug legal or not or any medication like antidepressant’s for example just to stop the aching hole in my chest from getting any worse but nothing seemed to work so I dug a hole and hid in it for a few months but while I did that I also allowed myself to become detached from people and I built up walls so nobody could see what was happening to me but eventuallly that all came tumbling down in Agust of last year

Suddenly I felt my body colide with somebody elses and for a second I lost my balance before I managed to catch myself by taking a step backwards and luckily for both of us I managed to catch the other persons wrist before they fell on the floor and landed on their face too

“Ow you’re hurting me!” That voice made me let go of the person’s hand as if that person had been set on fire and because I wasn’t keeping her up anymore she fell over onto her bottom...So much for trying to save us both(!) I thought bitterly as she glared at me from the ground with her ocean blue/green eyes

It was silent for a minute or two before she spoke up again “Are you going to keep staring at me or are you to help me up?” Her voice I could tell was irriated even from behind her hood as she narrowed her eyes at me

“I thought Miss. Sunshine was supposed to be happy all the time?” I quipped.

She scowled at me but somehow even though she was hiding behind her hood at she scowled at me I managed to see the broken glass effect behind her eyes that she hid with a very warm smile normally that was the difference between her and her parents her smiles were always warm and looked genuine whereas her parents smiles looked cold and stoic like they didn’t want to be there they just wanted their money but was little miss Melanie Philips faking it? Because right now she looks like any other eighteen year old in a pissed off mood and if the press caught sight of Melanie Philips moping around they would swarm around her like bees do to honey so that was probably why she was hiding behind a dark hood and had on sweatpants so she didn’t look like Melanie Philips at all and unless you looked close enough you wouldn’t recognise her

“I’m not feeling very sunshiny at the moment idiot” She huffed before she glanced up at me once more “Are you just going to stand there or will you help me up or do I have to get myself up” She snapped and it took my mind a good few seconds to realise what was being asked of me but I finally responded by grabbing hold of her wrist and pulling her back up to her feet

“So why aren’t you all sunshiny?” I ask knowing I was putting my nose in where it wasn’t need but I couldn’t help it I’ve always been a curious soul even if my curiosity wasn’t always wanted or placed

“None of your damn business” She snapped

“Oh and now miss sunshine cusses to? Oh the plot twists” I drawl

“Shut up I dont want to pour my heart out to you because I don’t know you” She yells

What I said next fell out my mouth before I could stop it “But I know you!”

Crap. I didn’t mean that, now she’s going to think that I’m some creepy stalker and by the look on her face I know I’m right because Melanie Philips, the sweetheart girl of New York is looking at me with disbelief in her eyes and a pissed off expression crossed her features as she cocked an eyebrow honestly it was scary “Oh course you believe you know me just because my parents are the most famous celebrities in New York and I haven’t to be their child and of course everywhere I go pictures of me are snapped left right and centre and because of this people like you think you know me but you dont you don’t know me” She yelled with tears in her eyes and onlookers were gathering round now but I don’t think they knew who the girl behind the hood was -- only I did. And I swear when she said the last bit she looked at her stomach why?

I don’t know why I was helping her but she looked lost so before she could make an even bigger scene I grabbed her by the wrist and steered her away from the ground and into an alley “Are you okay?” I ask her and it seemed like that set off some kind of trigger or memory like I have sometimes when someone says a certain sentence because her lip wavered and she burst into tears and I could only think of one thing

What was I to do with New York’s most famous sweetheart girl?

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