A Murder In Ravenpass

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A man named Gavin Corley got paroled from prison and came to Ravenpass for revenge on Peytun Molder. Though Peytun and him were friends in school, they grew as enemies when Gavin brutally murdered Peytuns best friend.

Horror / Action
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The Murder In Ravenpass

Peytun Molder had always hated Ravenpass with it’s tall, spiky trees. It was a place in which he was always sad.

He was a fearless, brandy drinker with glossy hair and a perfect jawline. His friends saw him as a gleaming, perfect, genius. He even once revived a dying, blind person, that’s the kind of person he was.

Peytun went to a school called Ravenpass High for 3 years. He was 21 now and had his own place. Strange things happened in Ravenpass. It was as if everyday a monster or some kind of wierd thing attacked the town.

Ravenpass seemed cool at first with the very few people and the woods to hunt in. But the mood often changed as it was rarely sunny and almost always rained. And when it rained, it didn’t stop for hours, even days.

After a bit, everyone got used to it raining all the time. Nobody went outside that often so no exciting things ever happened. Until December 13, 2028, it was the rainiest day of the year and Peytun’s friends were at a party at his house. Everybody had a great time and it was going well. Until Gavin Corley murdered Peytun’s best friend with a kitchen knife. Nothing was the same after Gavin got sent to prison.

Then the rain stopped. After about 3 hours everybody was gone and Peytun went upstairs to his room. Peytun looked out the window as it started to darken. As it darkened it started to storm again. The rain hammered on his roof like scampering rats.

Then, in a flash of lightning, he saw something, or rather someone. It was the figure of Gavin Corley. Gavin was strong, he was a brute. He could hurt anybody.

Peytun gulped, he wasn’t ready for what Gavin was going to do, to say. Gavin’s prison sentence just ended.

Peytun threw on an old, baggy hoodie and ran downstairs. Then he walked outside as Gavin came closer. Peytun could see the anger in Gavin’s eye.

“ I am here for revenge” Gavin bellowed in a predatory tone. He pounded his fist in Peytun’s chest with the force of a giant, sending Peytun to the ground with a yelp. “ You did this, Peytun.”

Peytun looked back, growing even more angry, picking up the small pocket knife that fell out of his pocket,” Don’t try it, Gavin. You can’t win this time!”

They looked at each other with anger in their face. Like a Sith and a Jedi starting a duel. They stood there for at least 5 minutes.

Suddenly, Gavin lunged forward, trying to punch Peytun in the face. Quickly, Peytun grabbed the knife and brought it down on Gavin’s skull.

Gavin’s legs starts to tremble as he wobbled. Soon after, his face turned to a terrified glare.

Then he let out an agonizing groan as he collapsed on the ground. Moments later, Gavin Corley was dead.

Peytun went inside to his kitchen and chuckled as he poured himself a cold glass of brandy.

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