Sinister night

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Chapter 10

My blood ran cold when I saw the two cats with yellow eyes standing in front of me. I felt dizzy and I had to remind myself to breathe. Those yellow eyes were boring into me. If looks could kill then I would have definitely died right here.

Consciously I stood up trying not to provoke them. I had been getting glimpses of the cats since these wired incidents started. I had always somehow escaped from them. Who were they? Are they the reason behind all these bizarre incidents? Right now I am trapped here with these mysterious cats. I may as well confront them.

My hands were shaking so badly that I had to clench my fist to stop them from shaking. I tried to control my breathing and deliberately asked, "Who....who aa..are you?" I tried to force those words out of my mouth but it came out as a mere whisper.

There was dead silence in the room. No sound can be heard, not even the sound of pouring rain. The stillness in the room was so thick, it could have been cut with a knife. The cats sat there motionless staring at me. Though I was a trembling mess I could not take my eyes off them.

A second or two later I felt the atmosphere around me change. I wrapped my arms around me because I felt extremely cold all of a sudden.

I saw mists forming around those two cats. It grew thicker and heavier. I could no longer see those cats but I heard spine-chilling laughter. I saw the mists slowly skulk towards me. Breaking my frozen state I ran towards the balcony. I have to escape somehow from here. I looked down and saw small bushes and rocks. " Oh my God. What will I do now? "

Lightning flashed through the sky and the rain started heavily pouring again. I looked behind me and saw shadows lurking in my vicinity. The shadows were merging with the heavy murk giving rise to a tornado-like structure. It started pulling everything into it. I shut my eyes tightly. I felt myself being pulled towards it but I tightly hold on to the railing.

" Mayra..." I heard someone whispering my name. " Come to us, Mayra..." That sinister voice sent a chill down my spine. I shuddered. I opened my eyes and saw two pairs of golden yellow eyes gazing at me amidst the storm.

" No..." I started screaming. The storm became vigorous and it started creeping towards me.

" Come to us....." It hissed.

Frantically I looked around trying to find an escape. I felt a stronger pull and noticed that it was closer to me. Without knowing what to do, I did the most stupid thing. I jumped off the balcony.

The time seemed to slow down. I could feel each droplet of rain falling on me and could observe everything around me. It was scary so I closed my eyes and waited for the impact of the fall. But it never came.

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