Sinister night

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Chapter 2

I came out after my class was over and saw my uncle already waiting for me. He smiled when he saw me and asked, "How were your classes today?"

"Boring." I said. He laughed and said, "Alright'. Listen, I have to go to a mobile shop. After that, we will go home. Is that OK? " I nodded and said, " Yeah, fine."

We reached a small mobile shop. It was just fifteen minutes away from my college. He parked his bike in front of that shop and said, "You wait here. I won't be long." I just nodded.

He went inside the shop. I took out my phone and started playing games in it. Ten minutes have already passed, but my uncle was not back. I waited for five more minutes.

"Why is he taking so long? Why?" I wondered. I kept my bag on the bike and went inside the shop. I saw my uncle was standing near the shopkeeper who was checking something on his phone. I walked towards them. When my uncle saw me, he said "It's almost done'. You go and wait outside. I am coming." I said OK and headed for the door. The clock hanging near the door struck 5.30 p.m. I opened the door and stepped outside.

"What the hell" I shouted.

My uncle's bike wasn't there. It was not even the place where I was waiting for my uncle. Not a single person or vehicle was in sight. Instead, there was a dense forest in front of me. I saw the sun setting on the horizon, and it began to get dark. I was standing in a clearing looking at the forest dumbstruck when I heard something. I looked around but couldn't find anything.

I frowned. What was that? I tried to listen carefully, and I heard it again. Meowing of cats. I saw two cats sitting a few feet away from me. They were looking at me. They were not like any other normal cats but twice the size of normal cats. They were black as night. Their eyes were bright yellow and had an evil glow in them. They had pointed teeth and sharp claws. They meowed again. I jumped back in fright. They snarled and started moving towards me. I slowly moved back, trying not to irk them. But when I turned to go back into the shop, I froze. Instead of the shop, there was a small and old cottage.

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