Sinister night

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Chapter 3

The house was gray and gloomy. The windows were broken and boarded up. It looked as if darkness had surrounded it. Even in the daytime, it looked sinister. The cats meowed again. I yelped and looked back. They were chasing me like predators and were closer to me now. I turned and ran towards the cottage. I tripped a few times but managed to reach the door. I banged on the door madly.

When the door opened, I fell down in the door way. When I looked up, I saw a lady in a black dress. She was a middle-aged woman. She had pale skin and some of her hair was turning gray. She had blue eyes, pouty lips with black lipstick and pitch black hair. Something was off about her, but I could not figure out what. She looked down at me with surprise and concern and asked, " Are you OK? " Her voice brought me out of the trance. I didn't realize that I was staring at her. I quickly stood up and started panicking again.

" I...Cats....chasing me..." I shuttered. I was trembling with fear.

The woman looked confused. " Cats? " She asked. " Where? "

" There. " I looked back and pointed, but no one was there. I frantically looked here and there.

" I swear they were here. They...they were chasing me." I started crying.

That woman touched my shoulder and tried to calm me down. " It's OK. Calm down now. You are safe. Come inside. " She moved from the door and let me in. I followed her inside. She sat me down in a chair and gave me a glass of water.

" Now tell me, why were you so scared? And how did you get here? " She sat in front of me.

I told her everything about the mobile shop, her cottage and the cats. Her face was neutral the whole time. But when she spoke again, I clearly understood that she did not believe a single word.

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