Sinister night

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Chapter 5

It was a full-moon night. The moonlight was illuminating the forest path, and trees were casting unnerving shadows. I could hear crickets chirping and owls screeching. Somewhere in the distance, I could hear a wolf howling. I have been walking for almost an hour, and I have no idea where I am going. I felt hungry and tired. I have to find a place to rest. After walking for some time, I found a short tree with thick branches.

" This would be a perfect place to spend the rest of the night. " I muttered to myself.

I kept the torch in my backpack and started to climb the tree. My legs slipped two times, but I managed to reach a strong and thick one and settle on it. I took my backpack and opened it. There were two sandwiches, a few granola bars and two small water bottles.

I took out a sandwich and a granola bar and started eating. They were not delicious as my mom used to make for me. I miss my parents. A few lone tears escaped from my eyes. After finishing my food, I shifted into a comfortable position and lied down. My eyes grew heavy, and I fell asleep.

I was jolted awake by a low rustling nearby. I opened my eyes and saw shadows hovering over me. I carefully sat up and looked around. It was totally dark. I looked up and saw the moon was fully covered by the clouds. Out of the corner of my eye I see shadows moving.

Suddenly I heard a strange sound like someone was whispering. I tried to concentrate and listen. The shadows were whispering my name. They were moving around me. Suddenly I felt cold and shivered. It was nerve-racking.

Their whispers weren't clear, but I caught somethings like 'go away' 'you will die' 'poor little girl'. A cold shiver ran down my spine listening to them. Suddenly I heard someone laughing near my ears, and at the same time I felt a cold hand touching my hair. I shrieked and covered my ears. I curled up into a ball, shaking. But the laughter and whispers got louder and louder.

" No. Stop. Go away." I cried and closed my eyes.

Suddenly everything stopped. It was eerily quiet. I could only hear my heavy breathing and sobs. I slowly opened my eyes. I saw the moon was no more covered by the clouds, and the shadows were gone.

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