Sinister night

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Chapter 7

I have seen those horror movies where this type of bungalow would be there and it would be haunted and spooky. But this bungalow didn't look spooky or haunted. It just looked like a normal old bungalow. Moreover, I need shelter right now. Should I go in?

Another bolt of lightning flashed in the sky. At the same time, I saw two pairs of yellow cat eyes in front of me. Immediately I flashed my torch to see, but no one was there. I shivered from cold.

Next moment I heard meowing sound behind me. I swiftly turned around and flashed my torchlight everywhere but no one was there. I was trembling badly from fear and cold. Without thinking twice, I turned and dashed towards the door.

Surprisingly the door was unlocked. I entered and shut the door behind me. Breathing heavily, my eyes darted about the place. It was illuminated enough to see. I could see a hallway in front of me. It was decorated with the fire torches on the walls. The floor was made up of wood and carpet was spread on it. Maybe someone lives here because not a single dust particle can be seen.

I should go and find someone. I am totally soaked and I need fresh clothes. I stepped forward and flinched when the floor creaked. It's a really old bungalow. I gingerly walked forward, scared that I will ruin such a delicate carpet. After a few steps, I found the staircase to the left. I started climbing the stairs. I heard a creak behind me. I turned around and saw a shadow. I blinked and it was gone.

" Who..who is there? " I stammered.


I turned around and started climbing again. On top of the stairs, I saw a double door. I could hear the music louder here. I opened the door slightly and saw people dancing.


Is it a party or something?

I opened the door a bit wide and slipped inside. Music was blasting and people were dancing. On the stage, a woman was singing old songs. The whole room was decorated and there was delicious food in the corner.

Yep, definitely a party.

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