Sinister night

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Chapter 8

In the middle of the dense forest, there is a huge bungalow inside of which a party is going on. What are the odds that I am dreaming right now? If there were some ghosts in here I would have kind of expected it but I didn't expect a party here.

A party? Really?

I stood there, stupified. Still trying to understand what is going on, I stepped further inside. I looked around in awe. People were gracefully dancing. I had never seen anything of that kind before. The woman's voice who was singing was really melodious. The decoration of the hall was extraordinary. I looked at everything mesmerized.

Suddenly my eyes fell on the food and my stomach growled. I am very hungry now. I moved towards the table where food was kept. I tried not to bump with anyone.

When I was just a few steps away from the food table, I was so delighted that I rushed towards it. But unfortunately, I bumped into someone.

I glanced at the person a bit panicked. He was a middle-aged man. He was six feet tall with a muscular body and absurdly well dressed. He had hazel eyes and pitch-black hair which was perfectly styled with hair gel. He was an extremely good looking person but there was nothing good about the looks he was giving to me.

I started apologizing. " I am really sorry, I...I didn't... " I trailed off by noticing his face. At that instant, I regretted coming here. His face was the scariest thing I have ever seen. His eyes turned pitch black just like his hair and his red lips curled into a sneer.

I gasped when I heard a low growl near me. I looked around and saw each and every person in the room was glaring at me. They looked like they are ready to pounce on me.

I slowly moved back towards the door and they started coming towards me. I was shaking so badly that I tripped and fell on my back. My visions started blurring. I hastily stood up and ran towards the door.

" Just a few steps...almost there..." I kept mumbling to myself. When I reached the door, I looked back. My jaw almost hit the floor.

All the decorations, all the people, food and music were gone. Everything just faded away in front of my eyes. It was totally dark and there were shadows all around the place. The shadows were slithering toward me.

Without a second thought, I pushed the door open and ran down the stairs. At bottom of the stairs, I stopped dead on my track. The way I had come inside, now looked like an old murky hallway. The beautiful carpet, the lights, and the decorations were gone. How is this possible?

I could still hear the rain beating down outside. I suddenly caught sight of another hallway in front of me. Should I go there or should I leave the bungalow?

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