Sinister night

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Chapter 9

I was still trying to decide what to do next when I heard the stairs creaking behind me. A chill ran down my spine. Without looking behind me, I darted towards the hallway in front of me.

It was a shady and rusty hallway. It was dark and totally bare. The woods were squeaking beneath my feet. After walking a few feet I could see another staircase similar to the previous one. It was dusty and old.

Suddenly I saw something move from the corner of my eyes. I turned back but no one was there. I slowly started turning towards the staircase. When I did, I screeched and jumped back.

The lady from the cottage was standing right in front of me. She was wearing a black cloak and raven shoes. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Her blue gothic eyes were shining and her lips were painted black. She stood there silently staring at me.

I was breathing heavily trying to understand what is going on. I was in a chaotic state. My eyes were puffy from crying continuously and my hair was disheveled and slopy. At that moment my legs felt sore and tiredness took over my body. I fell to my knees in front of her and started wailing. I was too tired of all these things. I just wanted to go home.

That lady bent down and patted my shoulder. "Don't cry. Get up. " Her voice had no emotion. I looked at her expressionless face and nodded. I wiped my tears and stood up.

" Come with me. " She said in the same cold voice and started climbing the stairs.

" Wait." I stopped her. When she looked at me, I asked, " What are you doing here? What is this place? " She didn't reply. She simply turned and started climbing the stairs again.

I hastily followed her and continued to pester her with my questions. But when she gave me a warning look I shut up. She led me to a room with a double door. It was similar to the previous room I was in but smaller. I looked around the room and found it was entirely vacant. It also had a huge balcony overlooking the forest. It was still dark and raining.

I glanced at the lady who was now standing at the door and asked, " Why did you bring me here? " As usual she didn't respond and kept staring at me.

A few moments later, she said, " I am sorry. " Her voice was emotionless but her eyes had an apologetic glint. With that, she went out and shut the door.

I stood there still shocked and confused, trying to understand what just happened. When the reality slowly started sinking in I began to panic. She had just locked me in here. NO...

I ran towards the door and started banging on it. " Hey... Open the door. Help. Open the door, please. " I started sobbing loudly and continued to bang on the door. But no one heard my cries for help.

Exhausted I slid down the door and curled up into a ball. I don't know how much time I was like that but I looked up when I heard a meowing sound. The sound that I dreaded the most. And that is the last thing I needed right now.

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